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Monday, May 2, 2016

Just One More!

"And they were instruments in God’s hands to bring to many the understanding of the truth, an understanding of their Redeemer. And how blessed they are!"  Mosiah 27: 36-37

I am blessed! 

This week was a great week. Paola was baptized! A month and a half ago I never would have imagined her being baptized. She has changed so much and I am so grateful that I could be a little part of her conversion and be here for her baptism, even if it was a little stressful because we flooded the church building filling up the font. Ha-ha. It’s just another great story to add to the list. I love her and I can’t wait to see what she does in life.

This week I just want to share my testimony. 
I never thought my time as a missionary could have such an impact on me. The Lord has done something in me these last 18 months that I can’t explain. I have been converted. I have seen the Lord work wonders among His children here in Bolivia. This is God’s plan. There is nothing sweeter or more rewarding. Being a representative of Jesus Christ I have come to understand this plan. I have enjoyed every moment of my mission. The hard moments, the happy moments, the sad moments, but most of all I cherish the moments that pushed me to depend on the Lord because there was no other option. Those experiences have taught me humility and made me the missionary the Lord needs to carry out such a sacred work. God lives. Jesus Christ is our Savior; I have no doubt now because I have witnessed the Atonement in action. I am grateful for this time I have had to serve the Lord as a missionary. And I look forward to living everything I have learned throughout my life. These people are engraven upon my heart. They have blessed me more than I could have ever blessed them.
In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

I also wanted to write a quick testimony in Spanish because it is the language I have spoken during my time here in Bolivia.

Quiero también escribir un poco en español porque es el idioma en cual he hablado toda mi misión. Yo sé que está es la iglesia de Jesucristo. Como misionera he podido compartir un mensaje de nuestro Padre Celestial a sus hijos acá en Bolivia. He visto milagros. Las personas acá tienen un don de sentir el espíritu. Amo cada uno de ellos con todo mi corazón. Espero que sientan el amor de su Padre Celestial y Salvador y que siempre estén a sostenerlos. Estoy agradecida por mi misión y todo que aprendí. 

Well, there is still a week left and as I promised I must work until the very last moment. I love you and I hope you have a great week! I will see you Tuesday!

Love, Hermana Lomax
Paola's Baptism