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Monday, April 4, 2016

The Lord Is Doing Wonders Among Us!

It is true! The Lord is doing wonders among us. My mission is a testament to this statement given by Elder Holland yesterday in his conference talk. 

This week was a great and went quickly. Hermana Fuenzalida and I are enjoying our time to serve the Lord with a full purpose of heart. General conference just brought an even greater enthusiasm to our calling. This week we had another Leadership Council. We learned a lot about the power of the Book of Mormon and the importance of reaching out to everyone. During President’s counsel he shared the picture he took of me talking to Lily, the sister I met in the airport in Sucre a few months ago. He explained that we should not fear or hesitate in sharing our message with everyone we come in contact with. We memorized the scripture Doctrine & Covenants 24:12 "Y en todo tiempo y en todo lugar de día y de noche abrirá su boca y declarará mi evangelio como con voz de trompeta. Y le daré fuerza como no se conoce entre los hombres."

We have anxiously looked forward to General Conference. We picked up Paola Sunday morning to have her attend conference with us. It was Pedestrian day so we had to walk A LOT. But, it’s all right we are missionaries we walk a lot! It’s an opportunity to make us even better missionaries. Paola is so cute. We arrived at her house early and she was all dressed up. She was wearing a skirt Hermana Cruz gave her. We tried to take a picture, but she refuses…one day. :) I braided her hair and afterwards she was so excited to show us her homework. I guess in class they were talking about the important of making good choices and she had to write a paragraph about what that means. Since she has been doing Personal Progress and enthusiastically reading Gospel Principles she wrote about agency. She wrote that agency is the opportunity we’ve been given here on earth to choose between good and bad. She listed some examples including choosing  religion, what to study, and whom to marry. She then wrote that she has exercised her agency and has chosen to be a part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or as many people know it, the Mormons. It was the sweetest thing to read. She has experienced so much change. We went to conference and she sat with us writing down everything that touched her heart. I love that girl!

Well, I want you to know I love you. I love this opportunity I have to serve the Lord. It’s the greatest thing I have used my personal agency for. Have a great week!

Love, Hermana Lomax
Leadership Conference 
A selfie Hermana Fuenzalida took on my camera. 
This is Camilia, Paola's sister. She is the funniest little girl I've met. 

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