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Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy Easter!

Hello, Happy Monday! And Happy Birthday Mom!

Transfers are normally 6 weeks long, but this transfer will be 7 weeks. That means I will be here with Hermana Cruz one more week. We are both just a little excited; we have had a lot of fun together.

This week was just a joy like always. We had another intercambio on Wednesday and I was with Hermana Larson. She is the only other sister that has more time than me on the mission. It was fun to be with her and see her love for the work. She taught me a lot.

So, we have been teaching a young girl named Paola. She is 15 years old. It has not been easy. Both of her parents are less active members, they work a lot and are not often home, so Paola takes on all the responsibilities. She actually lives in the Elders area, but we have been asked by the ward to teach her. She is super shy, and it has been hard to connect with her. I have learned great patience with her. A couple weeks ago we invited her to a young women activity. We called her mom and she gave permission for her to attend with us. As we were on our way to her house, which is quite a ways from our area, she called and told us she couldn’t go. Which is what she often does. We told her we were on our way. When we got there and knocked on the door she told us she was not going to go, that she was cooking and didn’t have anything to wear. It’s a good thing I just love young women because I was really upset. We told her that we came so far and that her mom gave her permission. It wasn’t one of the greatest conversations I’ve had with her. She ended up not coming with us. I was so upset and I think she could tell because as we walked away she asked if we were upset with her. As we walked to the church, I felt bad. I felt like maybe I was too hard on her. We went to the activity to see if any other investigators attended and as we were about to leave, Paola walked in. I can’t tell you how surprised I was. She came! And we had a good time at the activity. This week we went back to visit, expecting the same difficult Paola, but instead she was happy and willing to let us come in. We went back again a few days ago and for the first time we were able to teach her and her siblings. We set a baptism date and she accepted. She told us out of all the missionaries that have taught her (and there have been many) we are the first to give her the goal of baptism. She is so different than before. And, on Sunday SHE CAME TO CHURCH! I just hope she keeps progressing and continues to allow us to teach her with the same enthusiasm.

On Saturday, I think I ate more food in one day than ever before in my life. We went to a couple baptisms so we ate 2 cakes, brownies, pie at Paola’s house and then dinner at a FHE we went to. I thought I was going to die.

So, I’m sure you heard about the problem with mosquitos and the zika virus they carry. Yeah, it’s a problem here too. I’ve never been surrounded by so many mosquitos in my life. I think we have gone through two bottles of repellent. The mosquitos are really bad by Paola’s house because she lives right next to the lake. When we left her house, I realized I got bit on my forehead right between my eyes. Super attractive no? There is nothing worse, but luckily it has gone down so it’s not too embarrassing. I’ll send you a pic just so you can laugh. :)

Today, we went to Arani for P-day. We walked through the river and helped a cholita wash her clothes, barbequed and ate the famous bread from Arani. It just doesn’t get much better than that. But, my poor companion has been a little sick. It’s a normal thing to have stomach problems in the mission. At first it was embarrassing but not anymore. Everyone just understands and talks about it like it’s just an everyday conversation. Of course there were no bathrooms so all the missionaries in the zone were knocking on doors to find a bathroom for her. We finally found one of those holes in the ground type of bathroom, we were all so happy. I thought I would share just so you can know what issues we have. Ha-ha. It’s the best.

I hope you all have a great week and enjoy this Easter weekend reflecting on the Resurrection of our Savior. I know that He is the Son of God called to save us. I know that what He did was a choice, and He chose it because of the love He has for us. He has Risen, and we will too!

Love, Hermana Lomax

This is why Arani bread is famous. They put the wheat in this thing and the big round part at the bottom is a rock spinning and grinding the wheat into flour. The rock turns because of the force of the water coming down from the mountain. Super cool.

Mosquito Bite! :(

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