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Monday, March 7, 2016

Fruits of our Labor!

Hello All,

This week was such a great week. First we had another Leadership Council. This time we didn’t have to teach and we got cinnamon rolls. It was fun and it's always good to see how well our mission is doing. Herman Males, my companion that I trained, is doing so well in Potosi. We were able to see the progress in Potosi and she is working very hard. It makes me so happy to see how much success they are having. 

As a missionary we give everything we have. We forget about ourselves to serve others and to invite them to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel. Whether it comes through contacting in the rain, knocking on doors, or while on a mission to find food, the Lord has prepared people to hear our message everywhere we go. 

We have been blessed these last couple of months to find and teach a young man named Manuel. We first met him the end of January. We went to visit a member in his office and while we were there the member’s cousin, Manuel, walked in. We began teaching him and he is one of those that accepted every one of our invitations. He has come unto Christ and has received the restored gospel. He attends seminary and has friends who are members. He also has a cousin who just left on a mission who was a great example to him. He was one of the prepared, and how blessed we are to be a small part of his conversion and be a part of his baptism, which we had yesterday. Honestly, it’s amazing to see the Lord’s hand in the lives of His children. Manuel turned 18 two days before his baptism. His mom was so against him being baptized and had told us many times how horrible of a son he is. It’s really sad. But, now that he had turned 18 he didn’t need a parental signature, which we knew his mom wouldn’t sign. On Friday, the day of his baptism interview his mom was waiting outside of the church building, she came to tell us that he could not get baptized. It was a little stressful when Manuel showed up with his friend from the ward. She told us "you take him in, talk to him, let him have his interview and then you tell me if you think he can be baptized into your church, you will see that he is not ready. Then you come and tell me." We told Manuel to be honest in his interview and to bear his testimony. He was upset that his mom was there and giving everyone a hard time, but he was excited for his interview. Afterwards, our District Leader came and told us that he is one of the most prepared investigators he has seen before baptism and that he shared a powerful testimony. He told us not to worry about his mom, that Manuel showed his conversion through his actions, and is ready to take the next step of baptism. While Manuel was in his interview, our Zone Leaders went out to buy some things for the meeting we were having as a zone and Manuel’s mom approached them as they left. The Zone Leaders know Manuel really well because we share the ward with them and we have talked a lot about him. They shared with the sister a powerful testimony of Baptism, that her son is not perfect but is taking the appropriate steps towards perfection. She must have listened, because when we went out she was gone. She told the Zone Leaders that she would not interfere anymore and will accept her son’s baptism. This is another example of the Lord carrying on his work.

There were so many people at Manuel’s baptism; almost the whole ward came to support him. The spirit was strong. After the baptism we went to the Martinez’s home (Manuel’s family who are members, Sister Martinez is Manuel’s mom’s sister). We ate lunch and celebrated Manuel’s baptism. 

My heart is full. We are truly seeing the Fruits of our Labors. I will walk through pouring rain, beating sun, muddy streets, I will knock every door, get rejected everyday to find those people preparing to receive the gospel. Because when we find them our testimonies grow with theirs. Our Heavenly Father is powerful and it is incredible to see the love He has for His children. This work is God’s and how very blessed I feel to be a part of it. I love you and I hope your week is filled with blessings.

Con Cariño, Hermana Lomax

Leadership Council

Continuation from last week: So, I wrote last week about our horrible chocolate banana experience. Well, this week we were able to make up for it. WE FOUND GOOD TASTING CHOCOLATE BANANAS! We found them at a little restaurant in our area. We saw a picture on their window and decided to take our chances and try them, what did we have to lose? When we went to order Hermana Cruz asked how much they were and then looked at the lady and asked "Are they sweet?" I started laughing at her because I knew why she asked (the ones from last week were salty). The lady looked at us funny and said yes, they are very sweet and very good. Ha-ha. And they were. Mission Accomplished! We took a picture just to send you!

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