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Monday, February 22, 2016

We Feel Like We're Living in Book of Mormon Times!


This week was an interesting one. Tuesday we had intercambios (exchanges) with some sisters in our zone. They are always fun and I come away learning so much from the them. On Thursday we taught one of our sweet investigators how to make spaghetti. We finally had our turn to cook food and serve it to others. Lets just say I put the least amount of food on my plate. :) Also, President gave me permission to go back t0 Huayani on Thursday night to have a Family Home Evening with the Caceres Family. They have been through some rough patches in the last year since their baptisms. Unfortunately, Zail went back to Peru and they are in the process of getting divorced and Cintia’s dad suddenly passed away a few weeks ago. The Elders serving there (they closed the area to Sister’s) told me the family has been off and on in attending church, so I asked President for a favor, I wanted to go visit them. The Family Home Evening went well. They are keeping on; you can tell this has all been very hard on Cintia. We once again discussed the Plan of Salvation. I gave her a picture we took a year ago when we first taught her about the plan. It was a picture of a display on a white board. For this lesson I printed pictures of her family, pictures of her with her parents. I still had those pictures from her baptism video we made a year ago. For some reason back then I thought it would be useful to keep them. There were a lot of tears shed and the Spirit was strong. They are so blessed to know of the plan. We shared how blessed her dad is also to have someone here who can do his work for him. We finished FHE by talking about how important it is to stay firm and continue on the straight and narrow path so that we can reach our goal of having an Eternal Family. It was so good to spend a little time with them and to see their progression in the gospel. We are planning a Family Home Evening with them in the Mission Home in the next couple of weeks and Mariana is just so excited to have Hermana Hansen’s brownies again. Ha-ha.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were a little rough here in Bolivia. It’s election time and the country is experiencing significant civil unrest. It’s been quite the news. The election is to determine whether or not to allow the current president another term in office. He has already served for two terms. Most Bolivians are highly opinionated regarding the issue, which can be a little dangerous for us as missionaries. The Area Presidency informed us that we were only allowed to attend the scheduled lessons planned for Friday and Saturday; otherwise we needed to remain home. Sunday, which was voting day we were not allowed to leave our homes at all. Let me just tell you, missionaries are not meant to be kept home, we start going crazy! We have all been praying that things will settle down this week. I believe they find out the results tonight but we aren’t sure. We all feel like we’re living in Book of Mormon times. :) It’s been quite interesting.

Well, I hope you have a great week! Talk to you next week! Love you!

Hermana Lomax

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