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Monday, February 8, 2016

Goodbye Hermana Wing!

Hello All,

We had transfers yesterday….and neither Hermana Cruz or I are going anywhere. We are really happy to be staying together. Transfers these days just go by so fast. It doesn’t feel like we have been together 8 weeks. This week was quite interesting; I will try my best to put it all together. I’ve always said there’s never a dull moment in the mission.

Thursday Hermana Wing came in from Sucre as she was preparing to go home. (I am SO glad I’m not in her place right now, but it just made me realize how close that day is coming for me. :/) She stayed with us, since Siglo XX was once her area. We had so much fun together! We were companions when she had 9 month in the mission and I had 7. Crazy! She was very lucky to get into Cochabamba from Sucre because there are strikes happening here in Bolivia for elections and none of the busses are running. Luckily, she was able to get on an airplane. However, there was a sister in Potosi, also going home who couldn’t get here because there isn’t an airport in Potosi. Poor girl. :(

On Friday all the missionaries returning home had a training in the city. We woke up early and finished packing Hermana Wing’s things. When we tried to call for a taxi we learned that the strikes had come into the city. Apparently, all the entrances into the city were blocked. We had no idea what to do. Everyone told us to take a taxi to the blockades, cross the street, and then take another taxi to the Stake Center. But, when we arrived at the blockades and got out we realized it wasn’t going to be that easy. There was a guy there with a wheelbarrow and he told us we could use it for Wing’s suitcases and walk. We called the assistants and started walking. It was quite the adventure and of course it was pouring rain. We ended up walking all the way to the Stake Center, through a whole lot of striking. We walked for an hour and a half and just couldn’t help but laugh all along the way. Now we know Cochabamba really well. We said our goodbyes and dropped Wing off at the Stake Center, and then we had to figure out how to get back to our area. By now the streets were getting dangerous and the people were becoming aggressive. So, we were stuck in the city all day. Luckily, we were able to find our way to my old area in Villa Moscu. I was able to go and visit a few people. We ate lunch with the Assistants at a sweet couples house that I came to know really well while I served there. It was fun, but we were so tired and just wanted to get back to our area and work. Finally, at 6:30 pm the strikes ended and all the roads were opened up. We made it back just in time for a Family Home Evening with a family in our ward.

So, the sister from Potosi finally got here this morning. They had to walk a few hours on back trails to get to Sucre so that she could fly here. It’s been so crazy with these elections.

I cannot believe Hermana Wing is home. The time has gone by so fast. She is a great missionary, she worked hard and I am so grateful we got the chance to be companions. We are already planning our get together and her birthday since I made her spend hers in the hospital last year.:) 

Today and tomorrow is Carnivals. Which means we will be spending the day tomorrow in our house. The Balderrama family, who we live with, was waiting for us to get home from grocery shopping this morning and attacked us with water balloons. We are both soaked. Ha-ha. They are so cute. So we are now going home to get them back. Everyone is in the streets throwing water balloons and shooting water guns. Like I wrote last year, it’s a water war outside.

I am excited for this transfer. Hermana Chicaiza called me last night and she is coming to an area close to our zone, so I’m going to be her Capacitadora. I am excited to work with her again. I already know it’s going to fly by, but we are excited to make the best of every moment!

I love you all so much. I hope you have a great week!!!!

Love, Hermana Lomax

Goodbye Hermana Wing! 

Zone Conference with Hermana King and Hermana Cruz.

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