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Monday, January 25, 2016

She Really Wanted Friends To Talk With and I'm Glad She Chose Us!

Hello All,

This week was great and we gave it our all. We met a lot of new people, which is going to make this week exciting. I have to share with you a story of an old lady we met as she was sitting outside her house. She called us over as we were walking down the street. She shared with us her whole life story. She really wanted friends to talk with and I’m glad she chose us. I love hearing about these sweet peoples’ lives. She speaks Quechua but was able to speak to us in Castiano (Spanish). We tried to teach her to pray, but she didn’t understand us so I offered to pray in Quechua. I guess the practice in Potosi paid off. I think she understood and we will be going back to teach her more. :) 

On Wednesday we had a conference by satellite for all missionaries around the world from the 12 apostles and members of the 70. It was fantastic! The topic was Teach Repentance, Baptize Converts. It was inspired to help us in our missionary efforts to help people truly understand the meaning of repentance. We were excited to apply it and I think in all of our lessons afterwards we focused on Repentance. We are called to do as those in the Book of Mormon, crying repentance to everyone.

It has been SO hot here lately. It’s supposed to be the rainy season, but its not raining; it’s a little rough. My tan lines are unbelievable. :) It is also a little rough because Cochabamba is experiencing a water shortage, so we pray every morning we will have enough water to shower. Sometimes we shower, and sometimes we don’t. I know gross, just don’t judge. :) 

Even in the heat we are enjoying every moment we have. This area is great, the members are great and this is true. No doubt about it. I love you all so much. Have the most incredible week and go out and serve, service brings the happiness we are looking for even in the most hectic of days!

Love, Hermana Lomax

Monday, January 18, 2016

Why Can't Time Slow Down Just a Little?

Hello All,

This week was great and went quickly, we had two exchanges (I think that is what they are called in English). I went to their areas and I learned so much from the two sisters I was with. That’s one of the best parts of the mission, having opportunities to learn and be better. We were able to meet some great new people in our area; we are really excited about them. 

On Saturday I was given permission to attend the temple because my ward from Potosi came for a temple trip. It was so fun to see them! I love those people SO much! 

On Sunday I gave another talk in sacrament meeting. We were asked to speak just moments before church started. Not long ago that would have freaked me out, but now it’s incredible how I can just get up there and talk away. This is thanks to the power of a testimony and diligent scripture study. We had a family home evening Sunday night and made more cinnamon rolls. Who would have known that now everyone wants to learn how to make them? 

This morning we borrowed some bikes and rode around the lake here in Alalay. It was fun, but I am so glad we don’t ride those things everyday. They hurt, and I couldn’t imagine riding it in a skirt. I give those sisters props. Afterwards, together as a zone we played volleyball and then went out to eat. 

It’s so hard for me to believe how fast time is going. It’s already the middle of January!! Why can’t it slow down just a little? I have received many sweet emails today, one of which is from a girl from my ward in Villa Moscu. She used to always come out with us when I served in that area. She emailed to tell me she is leaving on her mission to Bogota, Colombia on Tuesday. She is so sweet, and I am excited for her to have this experience. She is going to be an incredible missionary. I also received an email from Hermana Franco, my first Latina companion in the MTC. She is loving her mission in Colombia and I think she likes emailing me now because I can actually understand and respond. Ha-ha. She is so cute. 

Life is good. God lives and this is His work. I hope you all have another great, fantastic week. I love you all so much!

Love, Hermana Lomax

Monday, January 11, 2016

Temple Blessings!

Hello All,

I am so, so, so grateful that there is a temple in my mission. It’s a blessing to teach people the plan and the next step after baptism, the blessings of the Temple. The Escobar Family was sealed on Friday. They have been a less active family that the missionaries before us rescued. It has been our responsibility to prepare them to be sealed. This was the second sealing I have attended while serving my mission. I think attending temple sealing’s are some of my favorite experiences. It was so fun to see how excited they were.

Friday, we had to teach part of the Zone meeting. We had a leader’s council all day Tuesday with President, and we had to teach our Zone what we as leaders learned. We taught about how to use time wisely and health and safety. After lunch we went to the Escobar family’s house and did Sylvia’s hair and makeup. We arrived to the temple at 5:00 and waited for the session. Raymundo, and their 5 boys looked so great in their suits. You could see how anxious they were. A large part of the ward came to support them. It was incredible how much the ward contributed to this special day. Raymundo and Sylvia were brought to tears. The actual sealing was so sweet. There is nothing like seeing a whole family including 5 young boys all dressed in white. The Spirit was powerful, and there were many tears shed. After the sealing we took lots of pictures and left for a reception that the ward put on in our church building. We were able to hear their testimonies and watch them dance. We wanted to get out there so bad, but we are obedient missionaries and sat in our seats reverently and took on the role of photographers. :)

It was a great experience and I am so happy for this little family. They have passed through many challenges, but through the gospel, have received the greatest blessing we can receive here on earth.

We are working hard in our area; it’s a little difficult. But, we are relying on the Lord to find His chosen children and of course enjoying every moment.:)

I love you and hope you have a great week!

Love, Hermana Lomax

Monday, January 4, 2016

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Hello All,

Can you believe it’s a new year?!? So crazy! We have had a great week here in Siglo XX. On Monday we had a Family Home Evening with President and Sister Hansen in the Mission Home with some of our investigators. It went really well. It was so strange to be back in Villa Moscu after being in Potosi for so long. After the Family Home Evening we went and took pictures outside of the temple because it was still decorated for Christmas. It is wonderful to be back near the temple.

On New Year’s Eve we got home after working and Elder Balderrama, the member of the 70 we live with, invited us over to hang out with their family and participate in their family traditions. It was so sweet! Together in their kitchen we made cheese pastries and Elder Balderrama shared with us a little about his childhood. He grew up in Arani, a little village outside of Cochabamba. He speaks Quechua, so he was helping me with my testimony because while I learned it with Hermana Males, Ecuador Quechua can sometimes be a little different than what is spoken here in Bolivia. We talked about the states because he has travelled to Salt Lake a ton and he showed us video from when they went to a Jazz game last year. Then we went outside with their two oldest daughters Dana (14) and Kimberly (12) and did sparklers. They were super cheap so we bought a lot. It was so fun. Sister Balderrama made dinner for us, she was so nice because the tradition in Bolivia is to eat pig on New Year’s Eve, but as missionaries we’re not allowed to eat pig so she cooked us chicken. Before we ate we gathered together on our knees and Elder Balderrama prayed. When we finished the prayer it was a new year and everyone in all of Cochabamba started letting off fireworks, it isn’t illegal. Elder Balderrama let us go up on the balcony to see them all. It was incredible; I’ve never seen anything like it. We live on the edge of Cochabamba so we could see the whole city including the Christ statue. I will never forget it. I am so grateful for the wonderful family we live with here, for taking us in and allowing us to celebrate with them.

I am so excited for this New Year. I have a feeling it is going to be full of so many great experiences, difficult ones (like finishing my mission and coming home) and life changing ones (like starting back with my life), but my mission has changed my life forever and I will forever remember what it is doing for me. I can’t wait to apply all that I have learned here...because oh it is so much! I love Bolivia with all my heart and I am so grateful the Lord has sent me here. The weeks are going by so fast, so I am determined to enjoy every minute of it. President just changed the dinner rule, we will no longer be having pensionistas for dinner so now we will work until 9:00, one more hour to enjoy working as a representative of Jesus Christ. I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week!

Love, Hermana Lomax
Cochabamba Temple

At the cancha with Hermana King :)