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Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving In Bolivia!


I have been counting my blessing all week and I think this was one of the most cherished weeks I’ve had. My heart is full of gratitude! I loved seeing your Thanksgiving pictures and hearing about all the experiences you are having. One thing I have learned this week is to cherish every experience that comes our way because that is what makes an impact and a change in our hearts.

We had a simple Thanksgiving lunch on Thursday. Of course they don’t celebrate the holiday here in Bolivia and being the only white missionary in the area, I knew I had to show them just a little bit of how we celebrate. My pensionista was super excited. She prepared all week buying the ingredients we would need. I taught her how to make stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy and cinnamon rolls, all foods that are not found in Bolivia. It was fun! The whole family got into it. However, as much as we tried we weren’t able to make the Turkey possible. Ha-ha. But, that is all right we ate chicken instead. :) Before we ate we each shared something we are grateful for. It was fun to hear and to share only a few of my incredible blessings. Everyone loved the cinnamon rolls. Thank you mom for the recipe!

After our lunch we packed our things and headed to Sucre for a mission conference with Elder Godoy. It was incredible. That man is truly inspired of God and taught with firmness and love. I think we all have a better understanding of how to become the most successful missionaries we can. I was so bummed when it was over. Afterwards as we were leaving the chapel to go eat lunch, President Hansen came up to me and asked if I would be willing to interview with Elder Godoy. Apparently, he wanted to interview one elder and one sister. I was nervous at first, as anyone would be being interviewed by a member of the 70. But, the nerves didn’t last long. The interview was so sweet. He asked me about my family, where dad served his mission and I shared with him my love for my mission and told him that it is changing me forever. The spirit was strong. I think you are going to find when I come home that I’m not the same Megan who left, but I am so much stronger. After the conference, as we waited for a few hours for our bus to travel back to Potosi, we were able to contact around Sucre. It is beautiful, it is green and you can breathe!

This weekend we had Stake Conference so President and Hermana Hansen came with us back to Potosi as well as President and Sister Jensen, the temple President. We were able to hear them speak both Saturday and Sunday. President Jensen is a powerful speaker as well. It was a spiritual filled week. I love being a missionary; I am growing as a person and servant of the Lord. I hope you each have a great week and enjoy the simple things especially during this Christmas season. 


Hermana Lomax

 Sucre and a service project making Bolivian bread!

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