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Monday, October 12, 2015

What A Week It Has Been!

Hello All,

I hope you all enjoyed your Fall Break, I have loved hearing about all the things you’ve done.

So, on Sunday night we got our transfers and since I am training we left Monday night at 9:00 to get on a bus to ride to Cochabamba... so while you were travelling 12 hours on Monday I was too. It was the longest night. I don’t think any of us slept at all. We got to the Stake Center in Cochabamba at 6:30am on Tuesday where we were assigned to other missionaries in Cochabamba to hang out with for the day. I went with Hermana Mathers. She is from Colorado and I’ve seen her a few times, but Oh my goodness, we had SO much fun as we worked in her area. She is a sweet sister and we enjoyed our time together. We even put honey on our faces to help some people chase their dog down to get him back. I know…probably not a good idea given my history, but I don’t think we were of much help anyway because we were laughing so hard. 

Wednesday morning we woke up early, met at the church building and all of us who were either training or newbies went up to the Christ statue. It was so weird, I feel like I was just there as a new missionary. We took lots of pictures and had a devotional with Pres. Hansen. After the Christ statue we went back to the Stake Center and had conference and training the whole day. Then we were assigned our companions. My new companion IS SO SWEET her name is Hermana Males. She is from Ecuador and her family is native so she wears the traditional clothing of Ecuador. She is so cute. In the mission you refer to your trainer as mom or dad and so she is my little hijita (daughter)…. I love her! After all the meetings, the missionaries serving outside of Cochabamba were given permission to go to the Temple; it was such a great blessing. I love the Cochabamba Temple, and I was able to see a lot of the members from my last ward. I love these people! That night we slept in the hotel and woke up Thursday morning and went to the airport to fly to Sucre. It was weird to be in an airplane, and I was just flying 20 minutes to Sucre. How am I going to leave this place for real? We’re just not going to think about it. After we arrived in Sucre we waited for about an hour and then got into taxis and drove 3 hours to Potosi. We finally made it home!

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday we were able to work like normal. On one of these days, we were walking to some lessons and outside were 2 little girls playing. We were talking with the member that came out with us when suddenly the smallest of the girls came running up to us, grabbed my hand and just stood with us for a bit. I have never seen her before in my life. I love these children here SO much. I finally asked if she wanted to take pictures because like I’ve written before the kids LOVE pictures. We took some time taking pictures with our new little friends. Best parts of the mission. Hermana Males got all excited after that. We had District/Zone meetings on Friday and guess what? Hermana Alarcon (my trainer) is in our Zone. It’s SO Awesome! I haven’t seen her in so long. She is ending in 6 weeks and we get to be together, three generations together in one Zone. That’s something special! I’m so excited for these upcoming months; they are going to go by fast. This area is progressing quickly; we will be having a baptism this week for a young man. He is so awesome! The pure definition of a golden investigator. We are trying really hard to finish all the lessons before his baptism. 

So, yes that has been our week, a little crazy, but there is nothing better. I love you all SO much! I hope you have the greatest week!

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! I hope your day is so good. We will be celebrating here with baptisms! I’ll send a birthday picture next week!

Love, Hermana Lomax

Package from the McCown Family, best surprise ever!
Playing in the SNOW!

Dance Festival last weekend. How great are their outfits!? 
Christ Statue in Cochabamba!
Cochabamba Temple.
Plane ride to Sucre. 
Finally home in Potosi with my new hijita…Hermana Males.
Cutest children ever!

Three Generations!
Myself, Hermana Males and Hermana Alarcon (my trainer).

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