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Monday, September 28, 2015

The Power of the Holy Ghost!

Hello All,

I am so grateful to get to write to you all and thank you for your love, support and letters. I want you to know, if it’s not obvious already, how much I love serving a mission. It is changing my life! I am not the same person I was. This week was great, Hermana Chicaiza is a special person and I know that she is supposed to be my companion. I have learned a lot from her. I also got bit by a dog…again! I don’t know what is up! Ha-ha. I was on an intercambio with Hermana Shultz (a sister I was with in my first zone) and the dog must not have liked us speaking English. It ran up and attacked us, but I’m afraid I can’t send a picture of this dog bite, ha-ha.

I just wanted to share one of the many things I’ve learned here in the mission, and that is the power of the Holy Ghost. It is incredible. It is something powerful that changes lives. I see it and the greatest thing in the world is being able to help others see and recognize it. This work is real. God lives and we are His children. This gospel blesses struggling lives and I get to share the promised blessings that come when we choose to live the gospel and have faith. That’s what makes all the difficult days worth it. There are many that struggle here and at times it is hard because the minute these people share their trials with us it weighs heavily on my heart. That has been when I have felt the spirit the strongest. I have felt the Holy Ghost and shared the promises of the gospel with our friend who we met last week, she has 3 children. Her husband beat her and then fled to Brazil. I shared the promise with a young girl who said God didn’t exist; I don’t think she believes that anymore:). I have shared it with young children who yell when they see us, but then beg to leave with us after we teach them. Their trials are having parents who are alcoholics. I love these people with all my heart! I love bringing the light of Jesus Christ into their lives. The mission is the greatest!

I hope you all enjoy this fall break. Spend time with your families and count all the many wonderful blessings God has given you!

Love, Hermana Lomax

Uyani! The largest salt flats in the world.
Yes, I'm the only one that doesn't know how to jump on "tres"!
With Hermana Chicaiza!
Me, Hermana Shultz and Elder Vega!
Dinosaurs in Bolivia!
I learned how to carry a baby in an hawayo. You better believe that
I will be carrying my babies in one of these! I love these things!
My dog bite, I guess I wont be sitting for a week!

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