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Monday, August 10, 2015

Cow Tongue and Chuno!

Happy Monday everyone! I remember at the beginning of my mission I seemed to live P-day to P-day and the week in between seemed so long... but not anymore.

I hope you’ve all had a good week mine was pretty fantastic. On Tuesday, we had intercambios. I stayed here in Villa Moscu with Hermana Wingate she is from Ohio and one of the funniest girls I’ve met. She goes home in two weeks. We had fun together. I dragged her up to Andrada, she hates me a little for that, but we both joked around that we will be that much skinnier when we go home. ;)

On Wednesday we went to the temple and had Zone Conference. I love the temple here it is so pretty. Our zone conference was great we talked a lot about the difference between a testimony and conversion. We also talked a lot about our upcoming meeting with Elder Bednar and 3 other general authorities. Everyone is so excited.

Thursday was Independence Day in Bolivia; there were lots of flags and drunk people. As a missionary that’s the best!

On Friday I ate cow tongue... yep COW TONGUE and chuño. I was talking about this with my pensionista about a week ago. It’s a popular dish that Bolivian people eat, but the pensionistas don’t cook it for the missionaries, for obvious reasons. But I told her I wanted to try it so she made it. We didn’t tell my companion or the assistants until after she had served it to them. Ha-ha it was DISGUSTING, it doesn’t taste bad, but as you can imagine the texture is just how you would expect it, the tongue bumps and everything. I ate it all; I’m a pro now at eating things that are just not good.

On Saturday the Stake Relief Society had a big Dance Festival to celebrate the Independence Day of Bolivia. It was so neat to see each Ward dance a traditional Bolivian dance, why can’t we dance like that? We enjoyed our time together as a Ward. Then afterwards we helped a family move; I love how people move here. The family moved to the second floor of an apartment building. They literally just lift everything up to the balcony to move it in. I’m talking refrigerators, dressers…everything. The 3 of us from the states just laughed, but it’s probably a miracle none of us died! So I think it’s fair to say I don’t think I missed out on a thing during the family move at home.

I am excited for this upcoming week; I can’t believe how fast time is going by. I love Bolivia with all my heart. It’s like home and it’s so crazy to think I’m half way done. I actually hate thinking about it. Dangit! I get choked up every time I think about it. Well, that is a sign that I should just end it here. I hope you all have a great week.

I love you all so much!

Con mucho amor de Bolivia,

Hermana Lomax

Cow Tongue, Chicken, Chuño, and of course rice and potatoes. When I told my pensionista I was going to send you this picture she told me I had to tell you that this dish is called picante mesqla.
Cow Tongue- Sauce with peas, she covered it up for us.
Chuño- The dark stuff, every missionary talks about chuño, its dried potato and its horrible, they eat it a lot in Potosi.

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