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Monday, July 13, 2015

To The YW…He Will Give You Courage, Depend On Him!

Hello My Cute Young Women,

I am sorry I haven’t written you in a while. They don’t lie when they say the life of a missionary is busy, but it’s the best kind of busy in the world. I hope you are all doing well and have had a great summer. I have enjoyed seeing pictures of all your adventures, Girl’s Camp, Canoeing the Colorado River, the Beehives High Adventure. You are so lucky to get to have experiences like this and leaders that love you who spend lots of time planning and preparing them for you.

I wanted to write to you just before you all go back to school. I remember those feelings before starting a new school year. Some of you may be changing schools, starting seminary, taking difficult classes and you may be feeling nervous and afraid. But, you do not need to worry!

There was a talk I read a few weeks ago about Courage, that made me think of you all. President Monson said "The call for courage comes constantly to each of us, it has ever been so and ever will be." You do not need to be nervous or worried because you are all part of something bigger. You are Daughters of a Heavenly Father who loves you, and the great thing is, is that you KNOW that! President Monson continues to say "As we move forward, striving to live as we should, we will surely receive help from the Lord and can find comfort in His words." It is inevitable that you will all be faced with many worldly things as you go back to school, many temptations that will require you to make decisions. You will be faced with the types of friends you choose to associate with, the activities you choose to participate in, modesty and language, there are many. But, I love what President Monson says "To make wise choices we need Courage, the courage to say no, to say yes, decisions do determine destiny." I know it can be hard, I remember, but I also remember how very worth it was when I stood for what I believed. No one will think you are strange or different, even though we may think so, instead they will respect you and you will be a great example for many!

There is just one more quote I wanted to share from our prophet. He says, "As we go about living from day to day, it is almost inevitable that our faith will be challenged. We may at times find ourselves surrounded by others and yet standing in the minority or even standing alone concerning what is acceptable and what is not... May we ever be courageous and prepared to stand for what we believe, and if we must stand alone in the process, may we do so courageously, strengthened by the knowledge that in reality we are never alone when we stand with our Father in Heaven." Our Father in Heaven will always be with you, He will give you Courage, depend on Him! You will find that courage by reading your scriptures, praying daily, doing personal progress, attending church, seminary and mutual activities. When you do these things you will always have His companionship. I can testify of that!

You are each so blessed to have a large group of young women who share these same beliefs, be there for each other and stand courageous together. You are all in the same situation and you can bless each other’s lives. Just as you have each blessed my life. I love you so much. I am so excited to hear about all the great things you will do this next year. You are prayed for all the way from Bolivia.

Have a great first day of school!

Love, Hermana Lomax

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