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Monday, July 20, 2015

First Week Of A New Cambio!

It’s hard to believe this week is already over. On Monday we spent the day preparing for Hermana Wing’s transfer. She and I went to lunch with Elder Giles and Elder Wingate. We really have too much fun when we’re together. After lunch we went shopping in the Cancha, it was a pretty low-key day, but full of fun. That night I stayed up helping Hermana Wing pack her stuff. 

Tuesday morning we went to the Stake Center to do cambios. We came home and Hermana Ordoñez (my new companion) unpacked her things for a bit while I planned a FHE lesson. That evening we went to a lady’s house in our ward; she invited us over for FHE. She had some BYU students over who are here for a music intern, teaching kids music. It was so fun! Only about 2 of the BYU students spoke Spanish because they were returned missionaries who served in Spanish speaking missions. There were others there for FHE who were from Bolivia. It freaked me out when I had to teach the lesson, because I had to teach it in Spanish and translate it to English. I had a hard time teaching in English! What am I going to do when I get home? It was fun to have the opportunity to talk to the students and hear about what’s going on back in the states.

The rest of this week we spent working really hard. Poor Hermana Ordoñez is exhausted. We are serving in the highest area in this part of the mission, so we walk A LOT of hills. I don’t think she is used to it, but she is a good sport and makes it fun. I am helping her as she learns to teach lessons. But, she is picking it up quickly and getting to know the area. It is going to be a good 5 weeks. 

On Friday, we had a little time because one of our lessons fell through so I told Hermana Ordoñez we could go up to Pacolla, and let me tell you if you ever want a work out, you just walk to Pacolla. I’m sure she thinks I’m crazy for dragging her up there at 6:00 at night just to talk to one person. As we finished talking to the girl we had hiked up to see, some old cholita walked out of her little straw house carrying a bowl of something. I had never met her before, but she gave us this bowl of cooked plants, something she grew in her garden. She was all excited, telling us she had seen us walking up and went and cooked it for us. It was sweet, but there was NO way I could eat whatever it was, unless I wanted to end up in the hospital again. She kept telling us we had to eat right there. So with our bare hands we pinched some of it and I tried to distract her by talking to her. Finally, I asked if she had a bag that we could put it in so we could take it with us. She was all excited and ran to her house to get a bag. Meanwhile, we threw the stuff we had in our hands behind us and when she came back we pretended like we were chewing it. We told her it was really good, but seriously it smelt like the nastiest thing ever. She gave us a bag. We hugged and kissed her, thanking her for the food and we left for our long journey back down to the city. It was such a pretty walk because the sun was setting and we could see all the city lights through the mountains. I love it here! When we got to Hermana Lina's (our pensionista) house she saw the bag of this nasty something and started freaking out telling us we couldn’t eat it. Ha-ha. She cares so much about us. We reassured her we didn’t eat it; we were just waiting to throw it away. She took it from us and threw it in her garbage. Ha-ha I love her!

It’s been a great week! I hope you all have a good week as you start school. I love you SO much!

Love, Hermana Lomax

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