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Monday, July 6, 2015

Building SNOWMEN In July!

Hello Everyone!

It’s hard to believe another week has passed and I’ve been out for 8 MONTHS! So crazy! We are freezing here, but it’s nice to finally have a winter, even though it’s July.

Monday I went and visited Familia Caceres. 
They are doing well. Zail the dad has moved back to Peru for an externship so that’s kind of a bummer, but it was SO good to get to 
talk to Cyntia and play with the kids for a bit.

On Wednesday we got a contact for a girl who lives in Pocolla. It’s a little pueblo or village in the mountains. I think it’s the first time in a very long time missionaries have gone up there. We hiked up this mountain in our skirts and it took us about 1-1/2 hours to get there. And it’s exactly what you would think for Bolivia. It was so cool! The people were a little hesitant when they saw us because I’m certain many of them have never seen white people. At first they would walk down the street like normal and then stop and turn back when they saw us. One lady even yelled at us thinking we were there to kidnap her kids. Ha-ha. It was great, but after a little while they started to warm up to us. They speak a lot of Quechua so it was more difficult to communicate. IT IS THE COOLEST PLACE EVER. We spent most of our day there.
Pocolla Village

On Friday we had a Zone meeting and I got a package from Brother Staggs! Thank you SO much! It made my whole week, maybe my whole mission. It was so sweet. I am so grateful for it and for them. We have been enjoying all the sweet treats that I miss so much. Brother and Sister Staggs THANK YOU! I feel so blessed to have great friends and family who are thinking about me.
Some of my favorite things! 

Saturday we celebrated the FOURTH OF JULY. I am so proud to be an American! Hermana Wing and I wore red, white and blue. Unfortunately, it rained the WHOLE day and I think it was the coldest day of the year. We froze, but still continued to work strong. We both missed having fireworks and barbeques, but our pensionista found cinnamon rolls so that was pretty great. Every appointment we went to wished us a Happy Independence Day, for some reason they all know about our holiday. Ha-ha.

Today we woke up early and as a zone went up to a mountain named Tunari to play in the snow. SO WEIRD! It was about a three-hour drive to get there and the Elders played Christmas music the whole way there. Ha-ha. It was cold but fun! We had snowball fights and rolled around in the snow. I was actually surprised with how much snow there was. AND there were so many LLAMAS and adobe houses. I LOVE BOLIVIA! So while you are all baking away in the sun, we are here playing in the snow. So you can swim for me and I will build a snowman for you.;)



I love you so much and I hope you have another great week!

Hermana Lomax

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