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Monday, August 3, 2015

A Birthday in Bolivia!

Hello Everyone,

First off, THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES! My inbox was overflowing with letters. I am so blessed to know so many incredible people. 

It’s been a pretty good week. We worked super hard the first part of our week, we were nailing out lessons. On Thursday night we went to dinner at the pension’s house and Hermana _______ said that her head hurt, she left and was in the bathroom for a little bit. I was at the table eating with the assistants when she came in and I could tell she wasn’t feeling well, suddenly out of nowhere she passed out. I got up and went to her, I could tell she wasn’t really all there. I was talking to her and the Elders went to get our pensionista. Thank goodness for MA! I can’t remember everything, but in that moment it all came back. I turned her on her side because she had thrown up right before (which is normal in the mission, just randomly throwing up) and I didn’t know if she would do it again. We put her on the couch and the assistants went out and got a taxi. The assistants gave her a blessing and then Elder Tia carried her to the taxi. We went to the clinic, while they checked on her, the assistants and I chilled in the waiting room. They were so nice to come with us. We were only there for about 30 minutes and she was back to it and let us go home. It was nothing too serious.

On Friday we stayed at home all day... it was horrible I hate staying at home not being able to work. But, we did go to dinner at the pensions and it was the sweetest thing. Hermana Lina our pensionista bought a cake and surprised us during dinner. It was so fun to eat cake and sit around and talk. I didn’t have my camera because all I had brought was the cell phone and the keys. But, Elder Jacobson had his, I just need him to send them to me.

On Saturday Hermana _______ was feeling better. I told her we had to go out and try to work. This sweet couple (Lorena and Israel) in our ward, who live in the temple housing, invited us over for lunch. It was the best! Israel served his mission in San Diego and learned how to cook awesome Chinese food. And Lorena made CUPCAKES. Cupcakes are a newer thing here in Bolivia, it’s all the hype and it’s the best when they try and say it with their accent. These were by far the best cupcakes I’ve had on my mission. We hung out and talked, we took LOTS of pictures and I got to blow out candles. Also, as we were eating dessert Hermana Lorena pulled out NUTELLA. Yep, Nutella! I guess one of the sisters serving here in the temple from the states had it and gave it to them. Of course I had to take a picture!

After lunch we went out and had some solid working time. We had some good lessons, which were much needed. It was also Fast Sunday so we didn’t go to dinner. When we showed up at the house there was a Happy Birthday sign on the door from our capacitadoras (Hna. Wingate and Hna. Giles). They are the sweetest! The rest of the night I just talked to some other sisters who had called. It was a good day. I love Bolivia SO much, I love the people and I love the work I am doing.

Thank you so much for the birthday package, I am excited to wear the new outfit to the temple and Zone Conference on Wednesday!

I hope you all have a great week! Love you tons!

Hermana Lomax

P.S. We got some pretty exciting news this week. Elder Bednar and three other general authorities are coming to our mission on August 22nd! I AM SO EXCITED!

This is where I spent my day on Friday….Reading, working on the area book, and catching up on my journal.
A bored Birthday Selfie while my companion was sleeping.
So, we were at an investigators house and I had to go to the bathroom SO bad. As I'm concentrating (because it  was literally a whole in the ground) I look over and there were chickens hangin out in the bathroom. Cool….No Privacy! The animals rule this place!!!

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  1. She is so funny!! Love the chickens in the bathroom. :) We need more letters....please!! :) -Jill (I'm too lazy to sign out of madi's name)