Megan's Background

Monday, July 27, 2015

I Figured No One Would Remember Me….I Was Wrong!

Hello Everyone,

So, I don’t have much time to write, but I will try to fit everything in. It was a pretty great week. Last Monday, I went back to Huayllani for Mariana´s 11th Birthday. The sweetest thing happened on our way over. Before we went to their house we stopped at a tienda to buy her a little gift. This was a tienda I went to all the time when I was serving in Huayllani. We taught a few people there, but only a few times and it was almost 5 months ago so I figured no one would remember me.... I was wrong. A little old lady who is 88 years old named Modesta came out when she heard the ring of the bell. She looked at me for a second and then said, "I thought you forgot about me. Where have you been?" I was so surprised. She hugged me and kissed me and let us into her tienda. I explained to her that I had changed areas and was now in the city. We bought what we needed and then as we were leaving she went to her fridge and pulled out 2 fruit juices in a bag and wafers just like she used to and told us the same thing she used to say, "you need something to keep you cool out in the sun." I love this sweet lady and to make it even better, she was the very first person I met on my mission, my very first day. I remember it well….she was sitting on her porch at 8:00 at night and Hermana Alarcon told me to go over and talk to her. I will always remember her, but knowing she remembered me made my whole day. As we left she hugged me one last time and said "You better come back." How can I not?

When we got to Familia Caceres we walked in and it turned out that Cynthia´s parents were there visiting from Spain. I had talked to them many times on Skype whenever we would go over for lessons, but it was so nice to finally meet them in person. It was another interesting experience. The last time I talked to Cynthia’s mom on Skype it was the day before their baptisms. Cynthia wasn’t home, but we wanted to talk to her parents and ask them how they felt about them getting baptized. We were surprised as her mom started to cry. She did not want Cynthia to get baptized because they are strong Catholics, but she told us she would support her because that was the choice her daughter had made. As I talked to her mom in her kitchen on Monday, we enjoyed getting to know each other and she looked at me and said, "I’m thinking about getting baptized into your church." I was so caught off guard. She said she can see how happy her daughter is and all the good friends she has now. It was so crazy. Her parents are good people. We had a good rest of the day. Mariana had a little party so I got to braid her hair and see some of the ward members. She is so stinkin cute. I love Huayllani so much, even though during my time there I couldn’t speak Spanish to save my life and most of the time I was oblivious to what was going on around me. But, those people remember me and as I look back I know they have changed my life completely!

The rest of the week was pretty good, I don’t know why the work has been so slow but we are still pushing forward. We are planning a baptism for the 12th of September. We are working hard and working with many of the members. This week will only get better. I love you all so much. Good luck with school this week!

Love, Hermana Lomax
My friend Modesta.

Hermana Ordonez.

Monday, July 20, 2015

First Week Of A New Cambio!

It’s hard to believe this week is already over. On Monday we spent the day preparing for Hermana Wing’s transfer. She and I went to lunch with Elder Giles and Elder Wingate. We really have too much fun when we’re together. After lunch we went shopping in the Cancha, it was a pretty low-key day, but full of fun. That night I stayed up helping Hermana Wing pack her stuff. 

Tuesday morning we went to the Stake Center to do cambios. We came home and Hermana Ordoñez (my new companion) unpacked her things for a bit while I planned a FHE lesson. That evening we went to a lady’s house in our ward; she invited us over for FHE. She had some BYU students over who are here for a music intern, teaching kids music. It was so fun! Only about 2 of the BYU students spoke Spanish because they were returned missionaries who served in Spanish speaking missions. There were others there for FHE who were from Bolivia. It freaked me out when I had to teach the lesson, because I had to teach it in Spanish and translate it to English. I had a hard time teaching in English! What am I going to do when I get home? It was fun to have the opportunity to talk to the students and hear about what’s going on back in the states.

The rest of this week we spent working really hard. Poor Hermana Ordoñez is exhausted. We are serving in the highest area in this part of the mission, so we walk A LOT of hills. I don’t think she is used to it, but she is a good sport and makes it fun. I am helping her as she learns to teach lessons. But, she is picking it up quickly and getting to know the area. It is going to be a good 5 weeks. 

On Friday, we had a little time because one of our lessons fell through so I told Hermana Ordoñez we could go up to Pacolla, and let me tell you if you ever want a work out, you just walk to Pacolla. I’m sure she thinks I’m crazy for dragging her up there at 6:00 at night just to talk to one person. As we finished talking to the girl we had hiked up to see, some old cholita walked out of her little straw house carrying a bowl of something. I had never met her before, but she gave us this bowl of cooked plants, something she grew in her garden. She was all excited, telling us she had seen us walking up and went and cooked it for us. It was sweet, but there was NO way I could eat whatever it was, unless I wanted to end up in the hospital again. She kept telling us we had to eat right there. So with our bare hands we pinched some of it and I tried to distract her by talking to her. Finally, I asked if she had a bag that we could put it in so we could take it with us. She was all excited and ran to her house to get a bag. Meanwhile, we threw the stuff we had in our hands behind us and when she came back we pretended like we were chewing it. We told her it was really good, but seriously it smelt like the nastiest thing ever. She gave us a bag. We hugged and kissed her, thanking her for the food and we left for our long journey back down to the city. It was such a pretty walk because the sun was setting and we could see all the city lights through the mountains. I love it here! When we got to Hermana Lina's (our pensionista) house she saw the bag of this nasty something and started freaking out telling us we couldn’t eat it. Ha-ha. She cares so much about us. We reassured her we didn’t eat it; we were just waiting to throw it away. She took it from us and threw it in her garbage. Ha-ha I love her!

It’s been a great week! I hope you all have a good week as you start school. I love you SO much!

Love, Hermana Lomax

Monday, July 13, 2015

To The YW…He Will Give You Courage, Depend On Him!

Hello My Cute Young Women,

I am sorry I haven’t written you in a while. They don’t lie when they say the life of a missionary is busy, but it’s the best kind of busy in the world. I hope you are all doing well and have had a great summer. I have enjoyed seeing pictures of all your adventures, Girl’s Camp, Canoeing the Colorado River, the Beehives High Adventure. You are so lucky to get to have experiences like this and leaders that love you who spend lots of time planning and preparing them for you.

I wanted to write to you just before you all go back to school. I remember those feelings before starting a new school year. Some of you may be changing schools, starting seminary, taking difficult classes and you may be feeling nervous and afraid. But, you do not need to worry!

There was a talk I read a few weeks ago about Courage, that made me think of you all. President Monson said "The call for courage comes constantly to each of us, it has ever been so and ever will be." You do not need to be nervous or worried because you are all part of something bigger. You are Daughters of a Heavenly Father who loves you, and the great thing is, is that you KNOW that! President Monson continues to say "As we move forward, striving to live as we should, we will surely receive help from the Lord and can find comfort in His words." It is inevitable that you will all be faced with many worldly things as you go back to school, many temptations that will require you to make decisions. You will be faced with the types of friends you choose to associate with, the activities you choose to participate in, modesty and language, there are many. But, I love what President Monson says "To make wise choices we need Courage, the courage to say no, to say yes, decisions do determine destiny." I know it can be hard, I remember, but I also remember how very worth it was when I stood for what I believed. No one will think you are strange or different, even though we may think so, instead they will respect you and you will be a great example for many!

There is just one more quote I wanted to share from our prophet. He says, "As we go about living from day to day, it is almost inevitable that our faith will be challenged. We may at times find ourselves surrounded by others and yet standing in the minority or even standing alone concerning what is acceptable and what is not... May we ever be courageous and prepared to stand for what we believe, and if we must stand alone in the process, may we do so courageously, strengthened by the knowledge that in reality we are never alone when we stand with our Father in Heaven." Our Father in Heaven will always be with you, He will give you Courage, depend on Him! You will find that courage by reading your scriptures, praying daily, doing personal progress, attending church, seminary and mutual activities. When you do these things you will always have His companionship. I can testify of that!

You are each so blessed to have a large group of young women who share these same beliefs, be there for each other and stand courageous together. You are all in the same situation and you can bless each other’s lives. Just as you have each blessed my life. I love you so much. I am so excited to hear about all the great things you will do this next year. You are prayed for all the way from Bolivia.

Have a great first day of school!

Love, Hermana Lomax

Oh….The Bolivian Lifestyle :)

Hello Everyone,

This was the last week before transfers and the fastest transfer of my life. Seriously! We had some fun times, and many things that have happened that neither of us will forget. That I’m sure of! We received our transfers last night and Hermana Wing is leaving to be a Sister Trainer Leader on the other side of the city and I am staying here with ANOTHER Hermana Ordonez. She only has 4 months in the mission, so it will be a lot of fun and I am excited.

This week was great, it’s been a little rough because the Catholic Pope has come to Bolivia so that’s been all the hype and of course now everyone has just suddenly become super catholic. We’ve had quite a few rejections. But, I think he leaves tomorrow so I’m sure people will begin letting us in again.

On Wednesday we went up to another little village called Andrada. It’s the area of the Elders but there is an investigator that has been taught by the Sisters so we went up to visit her. It was a workout! My legs feel like Jell-O now. It is such a cute little village and a little bigger than Pacolla. As we walked around, there were these cute kids playing outside. Just to help you understand the life of Bolivian children, one of the kids was not wearing pants or a diaper just playing in the dirt with nothing but his shirt. As we were playing with them he just started peeing in the middle of the street. Oh the Bolivian lifestyle….and who knows where their parents were. Then as we continued walking we came across this GIANT pig. I swear it was the biggest pig I’ve ever seen. 

On Thursday, we had a surprise Family Home Evening for Elder Ortiz at one of their recent convert’s home. We woke up early to go make a cake. It was really fun; we hung out, ate cake and drank hot chocolate.

On Sunday, Hermana Wing and I watched Meet the Mormons (Hermana Wing’s parents just sent it to her). We made homemade popcorn, drank soy banana milk and watched the video. We had to go out with a bang!!!

This morning we went over to our pensions house for breakfast. Because she has been out of town for a week, we have been eating at the temple. We all got together to say goodbye to Elder Ortiz who is leaving to go home to the Dominican Republic today at 5:00. The poor guy, you could tell he was a mess. I don’t want that day to come! Now we are going out to eat lunch with Elder Wingate and Elder Giles and then we’ll go home to finish packing.

Sorry this is kind of a lame email, I’ll make next weeks better, but I love you all and hope you have a good last week of summer break!


Hermana Lomax