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Monday, June 29, 2015

The Things Kids Do For Entertainment In Bolivia!

Hey Everyone,

I hope you have all had a great week. I am feeling a lot better now. At the beginning of the week my body was super sore but I am getting back to normal….well as normal as you can get for living in Bolivia. 

The funniest thing happened on Wednesday and I am so upset that I didn’t have my camera to take pictures. We went over to this family we have been teaching and while we were talking with the mom outside her two little kids Andy(4) and Bobby(2) were playing and they were holding a box with two dead chicks inside. We realized they were most definitely alive the day before. They came over sat in the dirt, opened the box and they each grabbed a chick. They were swinging them around and playing with them like they were stuffed animals. Bobby was forcing the eye open on one of them. Hermana Wing and I were dying. The best part was that Rosario their grandma was just laughing. You just wouldn’t believe the things kids do for entertainment here in Bolivia. And, I can almost guarantee you they did not wash their hands for the whole day. It was the best, and I didn’t have my camera. I WAS SO MAD! We tried to go back later but they had thrown the now mangled chicks in the weeds. But, they have some new ones that I’m sure won’t last long either, so I’ll make sure I have my camera next time. I love them!

Friday, we had intercambios. I stayed here with Hermana Giles in Villa Moscu. She is from Mesa. We had so much fun. We worked hard until about 6:00 and then she got sick and we had to go home. Hermana Wing and Hermana Wingate came over to our house to finish the intercambio. We partied in the dark. They went up and got some food from our pensionista to eat for dinner. We chilled it on the floor of our house and ate, of course, chicken and rice. It was an interesting day.

Saturday, I was able to go to my first temple sealing! It was so incredible. It was a family that was baptized about 1-1/2 years ago. They have two kids, a ten year old and 1 year old. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen. The Temple President did the sealing and it was such a great experience. I am grateful President Hansen gave us permission to go.

It’s been great. I love you all so much!

Hermana Lomax
Bobby and Andy!
The end of intercambios!
We have the cutest YW in our Ward that come with us all the time.
What can I say….I Love the Young Women!!!
The new kitchen! They spent all day making it.
This is exactly right!
Walley Ball as a Zone!

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