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Monday, June 1, 2015

Powerpuff Girls!

Hello All,

I cannot believe we have finished another transfer. It seriously went by so fast. But, I’m staying in Villa Moscu for another transfer!!! WooHoo! And, I’m staying with Hermana Wing, we are just a little excited... ;) Hermana Molina is leaving Cochabamba to go to Tupisa; it’s probably the farthest area from the city. And tomorrow is her birthday, poor girl will be travelling all day on her birthday, but she is excited. We made the best of this last week together; we’ve had so much fun! I’m going to send you our week in pictures because I know I’ve been lacking on the pics. :)

Hermana Wing was sick on Tuesday so she stayed with our pensionista while Hermana Molina and I went out and worked (one of the great blessings of the trio life). This was when we went to get her in the night.


I’m officially a "Bolivian" WooHoo! After 6 months of going to government buildings, filling out papers, taking pictures, and getting poked by needles... more than necessary;) 
I received my Bolivian carnet or ID.

Wednesday, was Mother’s Day here in Bolivia so we had a Ward Activity in the night. The Elders Quorum President is from Utah, but married the cutest Bolivian girl, they live here now and his mom came down to visit. So they made Fettuccini Alfredo!!!! Best night of my life. They told us we better enjoy it because it would most likely be the first and last time in our missions!


This is what our hands look like everyday...why aren’t there any doorbells?...:( BUT, we have found a lot of promising people, so I guess it’s worth it.

This girl is my best friend! When she says my name it is Lomas. We go over to their house all the time. They were baptized in January and they are the sweetest, humblest family. She has her baby doll in her Huawayo (I spelt this wrong, you might have to look it up)! 
YES! This is how the Cholitas carry their babies here in Bolivia.

Here we are with the Assistants! This was after dinner last night. Elder Ortiz always calls us the Power Puff Girls and told us one day we needed to dress like them, so here we are in pink, green and blue. Ha-ha BEST PIC EVER.

Bye Hermana Molina!

Well there was my week for you. Hopefully a little more entertaining! I hope you all have a great week! 
I love you all SO much!

Hermana Lomax

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