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Monday, June 22, 2015

I'M STILL ALIVE….But Maybe Just Barely ;)

Hello All,

So I guess I have a lot to write you all this week and I will try my best to make sense. I’m still a little on the downside, but my spirits have not dropped a bit. :)

It all started on Thursday (I guess we’re making this dramatic) it was Hermana Wing´s birthday. That morning I planned for the Sister Trainer Leaders to come over for a little surprise party. While Hermana Wing was in the shower they came and we hung a big banner. We made pancakes and talked girl talk for a bit. I wasn’t feeling well, but hadn’t been feeling well for the last week. After a couple hours the girls left and I went to the bathroom. Yes, I have had diarrhea for a week. Sorry, but just thought you wanted to know. I went and laid in my bed, worked on the area book and I just kind of chilled out. At lunch a sweet couple, who had just gotten married about a month ago, invited us over to their house for lunch to celebrate Hermana Wing´s birthday and although I wasn’t feeling well there are more important things than staying home even when you’re sick :)  We went over and they were so sweet, they made Chinese food and had it all displayed on their table. I ate this little casserole thing that they served. I shared that I wasn’t feeling very well and would be fine just eating a little. They totally understood. That little bit of food I ate didn’t even last 5 minutes before I had to excuse myself to their bathroom. I threw it all up! Yep, first time in like 10 years that I’ve thrown up. They felt bad. I told them I was just fine, but I didn’t eat anymore even though it looked so good. We finished our lunch date there and had a lesson planned with another family. Earlier in the week we had arranged for a couple in the ward to assist us. I told Hermana Wing we needed to go. We met up with the couple and went to the investigators house. But, by now I was not feeling well at all! In the appointment I made a few comments, but they could all tell I wasn’t feeling well. I had to excuse myself twice during the lesson to throw up. I know HOW EMBARRASSING! The lady gave me mate to calm my stomach. After the lesson Hermana Wing told me we had to go home, at this point I was fine with it.  We said goodbye to the couple and started walking down the street. Hermana Wing was on the phone with our investigators rescheduling appointments when I started throwing up on the side of the street. But, this time it was mate and a little bit of blood. Yeah, that freaked me out. And that’s when I realized I didn’t just have an upset stomach. I told Hermana Wing to come and look (we have bonded like none other the last few days) and she immediately called Hermana Hansen but she didn’t answer. We got home and I was lying in my bed thinking I was going to die waiting for Hermana Hansen to call back. I threw up again, but this time just water, and then about 20 minutes later it was all blood, so I told Hermana Wing we just had to go. We packed up some things and went to the hospital. We arrived and as we were checking in I threw up again in the lobby bathroom. They took us back, asked what was wrong, put an IV in my arm and drew my blood (the nurse was able to get blood on the first try, that was a blessing because I was in NO shape to draw my own.:)) I thought I was going to die but Hermana Wing still had time to take pictures. She has some serious black mail, that’s all I’m saying. Our Zone Leaders came over and gave me a blessing and it was the sweetest thing ever. One of them is from Layton and the other from Honduras, the one from Honduras did the first part in English, he was nervous but told me he wanted to do it. He also told me he doesn’t normally write in his journal, but that night he was going to. Ha-ha. Then Elder Nielsen did the second part in English too of course, it was a good blessing, a little weird to hear the Elders say my first name, but I can’t tell you how incredible the Priesthood power is. They are good guys!

After the Elders left I went about 3 hours without throwing up. Hallelujah! The doctors gave me medicine and we went to sleep. The next thing I remember at about midnight was waking up and throwing up again. I didn’t even have time to react. I threw up all over my bed and the floor. SO GROSS. But, that was the last time!!!!! Then for the next 2 days we chilled in the hospital, not sleeping AT ALL. The Zone Leaders brought Hermana Wing food for every meal and it was great when they came to visit because we were so bored. The nurses tried to bring me hospital food and let me tell you rice and potatoes was the LAST thing I wanted. We have some pretty interesting stories in the hospital that no one can know about. Finally, on Saturday night they took out my IV and I was feeling A LOT better. I was keeping the medicine down, but hospitals here are sketchy and Hermana Hansen told us we would have to fight to get out because they would try and keep us there for a week. So finally, Saturday night we asked to sign papers for our release. They weren’t very happy with us, but we had permission from President and Hermana Hansen. Afterwards when we called to tell Hermana Hansen we were out she told us we are the “Premium Members of the Mission Hall of Fame.” We went to the pharmacy got my pills then went home and slept. 

On Sunday, I saw Hermana Hansen at church because they are in our ward. She told me that she had emailed you letting you know that I was in the hospital and told me I had to take it easy. Hermana Hansen also told me that you were super calm. She was like normally moms freak out when I tell them things like this, but your mom is awesome! Ha-ha. After church I went and slept for about an hour and then we went and taught some lessons, I was dying to get back to work even though we were moving at a snails pace. For dinner I finally had an appetite to eat so we went and bought American food from the store... Mac and Cheese. Heck yeah!

Today I am doing much better. I ate breakfast and my medicine is staying down. I no longer have diarrhea. I don’t know how I got the parasite Hermana Wing and I have eaten the same thing. Hermana Hansen said it could have been a piece of fruit or something, we don’t really know.

But, just so you know I am OK, I am ALIVE and it was a good experience. I learned a lot and now I have a new appreciation of the work. I missed you and wished you were here, but I want you to know I could feel the prayers you were saying for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love you!

Hermana Lomax
Happy Birthday Hermana Wing! 
Worst Selfie Ever! No Respect ;)
Starting to Feel Better!

What Missionaries Do When They are Stuck in a Hospital!
WHY POTATOES?! Ugh….I couldn't eat it. 

This One Explains Itself!!!
We Finally Made It Home…….Home Sweet Home!


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