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Monday, June 29, 2015

The Things Kids Do For Entertainment In Bolivia!

Hey Everyone,

I hope you have all had a great week. I am feeling a lot better now. At the beginning of the week my body was super sore but I am getting back to normal….well as normal as you can get for living in Bolivia. 

The funniest thing happened on Wednesday and I am so upset that I didn’t have my camera to take pictures. We went over to this family we have been teaching and while we were talking with the mom outside her two little kids Andy(4) and Bobby(2) were playing and they were holding a box with two dead chicks inside. We realized they were most definitely alive the day before. They came over sat in the dirt, opened the box and they each grabbed a chick. They were swinging them around and playing with them like they were stuffed animals. Bobby was forcing the eye open on one of them. Hermana Wing and I were dying. The best part was that Rosario their grandma was just laughing. You just wouldn’t believe the things kids do for entertainment here in Bolivia. And, I can almost guarantee you they did not wash their hands for the whole day. It was the best, and I didn’t have my camera. I WAS SO MAD! We tried to go back later but they had thrown the now mangled chicks in the weeds. But, they have some new ones that I’m sure won’t last long either, so I’ll make sure I have my camera next time. I love them!

Friday, we had intercambios. I stayed here with Hermana Giles in Villa Moscu. She is from Mesa. We had so much fun. We worked hard until about 6:00 and then she got sick and we had to go home. Hermana Wing and Hermana Wingate came over to our house to finish the intercambio. We partied in the dark. They went up and got some food from our pensionista to eat for dinner. We chilled it on the floor of our house and ate, of course, chicken and rice. It was an interesting day.

Saturday, I was able to go to my first temple sealing! It was so incredible. It was a family that was baptized about 1-1/2 years ago. They have two kids, a ten year old and 1 year old. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen. The Temple President did the sealing and it was such a great experience. I am grateful President Hansen gave us permission to go.

It’s been great. I love you all so much!

Hermana Lomax
Bobby and Andy!
The end of intercambios!
We have the cutest YW in our Ward that come with us all the time.
What can I say….I Love the Young Women!!!
The new kitchen! They spent all day making it.
This is exactly right!
Walley Ball as a Zone!

Monday, June 22, 2015

I'M STILL ALIVE….But Maybe Just Barely ;)

Hello All,

So I guess I have a lot to write you all this week and I will try my best to make sense. I’m still a little on the downside, but my spirits have not dropped a bit. :)

It all started on Thursday (I guess we’re making this dramatic) it was Hermana Wing´s birthday. That morning I planned for the Sister Trainer Leaders to come over for a little surprise party. While Hermana Wing was in the shower they came and we hung a big banner. We made pancakes and talked girl talk for a bit. I wasn’t feeling well, but hadn’t been feeling well for the last week. After a couple hours the girls left and I went to the bathroom. Yes, I have had diarrhea for a week. Sorry, but just thought you wanted to know. I went and laid in my bed, worked on the area book and I just kind of chilled out. At lunch a sweet couple, who had just gotten married about a month ago, invited us over to their house for lunch to celebrate Hermana Wing´s birthday and although I wasn’t feeling well there are more important things than staying home even when you’re sick :)  We went over and they were so sweet, they made Chinese food and had it all displayed on their table. I ate this little casserole thing that they served. I shared that I wasn’t feeling very well and would be fine just eating a little. They totally understood. That little bit of food I ate didn’t even last 5 minutes before I had to excuse myself to their bathroom. I threw it all up! Yep, first time in like 10 years that I’ve thrown up. They felt bad. I told them I was just fine, but I didn’t eat anymore even though it looked so good. We finished our lunch date there and had a lesson planned with another family. Earlier in the week we had arranged for a couple in the ward to assist us. I told Hermana Wing we needed to go. We met up with the couple and went to the investigators house. But, by now I was not feeling well at all! In the appointment I made a few comments, but they could all tell I wasn’t feeling well. I had to excuse myself twice during the lesson to throw up. I know HOW EMBARRASSING! The lady gave me mate to calm my stomach. After the lesson Hermana Wing told me we had to go home, at this point I was fine with it.  We said goodbye to the couple and started walking down the street. Hermana Wing was on the phone with our investigators rescheduling appointments when I started throwing up on the side of the street. But, this time it was mate and a little bit of blood. Yeah, that freaked me out. And that’s when I realized I didn’t just have an upset stomach. I told Hermana Wing to come and look (we have bonded like none other the last few days) and she immediately called Hermana Hansen but she didn’t answer. We got home and I was lying in my bed thinking I was going to die waiting for Hermana Hansen to call back. I threw up again, but this time just water, and then about 20 minutes later it was all blood, so I told Hermana Wing we just had to go. We packed up some things and went to the hospital. We arrived and as we were checking in I threw up again in the lobby bathroom. They took us back, asked what was wrong, put an IV in my arm and drew my blood (the nurse was able to get blood on the first try, that was a blessing because I was in NO shape to draw my own.:)) I thought I was going to die but Hermana Wing still had time to take pictures. She has some serious black mail, that’s all I’m saying. Our Zone Leaders came over and gave me a blessing and it was the sweetest thing ever. One of them is from Layton and the other from Honduras, the one from Honduras did the first part in English, he was nervous but told me he wanted to do it. He also told me he doesn’t normally write in his journal, but that night he was going to. Ha-ha. Then Elder Nielsen did the second part in English too of course, it was a good blessing, a little weird to hear the Elders say my first name, but I can’t tell you how incredible the Priesthood power is. They are good guys!

After the Elders left I went about 3 hours without throwing up. Hallelujah! The doctors gave me medicine and we went to sleep. The next thing I remember at about midnight was waking up and throwing up again. I didn’t even have time to react. I threw up all over my bed and the floor. SO GROSS. But, that was the last time!!!!! Then for the next 2 days we chilled in the hospital, not sleeping AT ALL. The Zone Leaders brought Hermana Wing food for every meal and it was great when they came to visit because we were so bored. The nurses tried to bring me hospital food and let me tell you rice and potatoes was the LAST thing I wanted. We have some pretty interesting stories in the hospital that no one can know about. Finally, on Saturday night they took out my IV and I was feeling A LOT better. I was keeping the medicine down, but hospitals here are sketchy and Hermana Hansen told us we would have to fight to get out because they would try and keep us there for a week. So finally, Saturday night we asked to sign papers for our release. They weren’t very happy with us, but we had permission from President and Hermana Hansen. Afterwards when we called to tell Hermana Hansen we were out she told us we are the “Premium Members of the Mission Hall of Fame.” We went to the pharmacy got my pills then went home and slept. 

On Sunday, I saw Hermana Hansen at church because they are in our ward. She told me that she had emailed you letting you know that I was in the hospital and told me I had to take it easy. Hermana Hansen also told me that you were super calm. She was like normally moms freak out when I tell them things like this, but your mom is awesome! Ha-ha. After church I went and slept for about an hour and then we went and taught some lessons, I was dying to get back to work even though we were moving at a snails pace. For dinner I finally had an appetite to eat so we went and bought American food from the store... Mac and Cheese. Heck yeah!

Today I am doing much better. I ate breakfast and my medicine is staying down. I no longer have diarrhea. I don’t know how I got the parasite Hermana Wing and I have eaten the same thing. Hermana Hansen said it could have been a piece of fruit or something, we don’t really know.

But, just so you know I am OK, I am ALIVE and it was a good experience. I learned a lot and now I have a new appreciation of the work. I missed you and wished you were here, but I want you to know I could feel the prayers you were saying for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love you!

Hermana Lomax
Happy Birthday Hermana Wing! 
Worst Selfie Ever! No Respect ;)
Starting to Feel Better!

What Missionaries Do When They are Stuck in a Hospital!
WHY POTATOES?! Ugh….I couldn't eat it. 

This One Explains Itself!!!
We Finally Made It Home…….Home Sweet Home!


Monday, June 15, 2015

Bucket Lists


How are you all this week? My week has been great! I think for the first time in my whole mission my feet actually HURT... well more than normal. I also had a fever on Saturday, but that’s just part of the mission life. This week was good, nothing super exciting. Hermana Wing and I have made a Bucket List for this transfer. On Thursdays we do weekly planning for the whole next week. IT TAKES SO LONG! Seriously, it takes us like 2 ½ hours, so we made pancakes for our planning meeting, or in Spanish - por planificacion. And, they were actually good. 

We also started the Insanity workout. I am so sore, and maybe that’s why my feet hurt so bad. But, it’s awesome. I have lost weight probably from the mix of being a little sick and working out….hey I’m not complaining. On Thursday we also had our interviews with President. It went really well. We got off topic and spent a lot of time talking about Havasupai. We went a little over on time, but seriously President is the sweetest man ever. I am so grateful for him. One thing on our Bucket List was to build a fort. So on Sunday, we did that and hung out in it for a while. Our original plan was to sleep in it, but our beds were too tempting when it came down to going to sleep. It was so fun.

Today for P-day we went over to the Mission Home. We ate hamburgers WITH LETTUCE, potato salad, barbecue chips, pineapple and hot fudge sundaes...only in the mission home. We hung out together and played games. 

This is my little Dora the Explorer! Doesn't she look just like her?
I love this kid and this is the best story of the week. We had a lesson with them and when he walked into the room he was legitimately balling. We asked him what was wrong and he didn’t want to tell us. Finally, his mom told us he lost his tooth and was so upset about it. One of his sisters brought us his tooth in an empty matchbox and when she showed it to us he started sobbing again. We were all laughing so hard we had to take a picture. What kid isn’t happy about losing a tooth? I guess only in places where the tooth fairy doesn’t exist. :/

It’s been a great week; we've had a lot of fun and worked really hard. I think this week’s numbers have been the best I’ve had in this area, so that makes it even better.

I love you all so much and I hope you continue to enjoy your summer break!

Love, Hermana Lomax

Monday, June 8, 2015

Make A Difference Day!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you had another fantastic week! Our week here in Bolivia was pretty great it goes by SO fast.

Tuesday morning we took Hermana Molina to the airport and were there for the newbies to fly in. We held the poster and sang Called to Serve. It was SO Weird! I feel like that was just me yesterday, and here I am with 7 months into my mission. It was fun to get to talk to the new missionaries; there was only one sister from the states. She is from MESA. Now there are 3 of us from AZ. Whoop Whoop! Later in the day the Zone Leaders called us and brought one of the newbies to our area to teach with us for a few hours. It was fun!

Wednesday, was a pretty normal day. We walked, and then we walked some more. We got rejected, and then we hopefully, found some new people to teach. Funny thing though….when we were on the bus (and I use that word loosely) to go to dinner there wasn’t any room to sit, so I was standing. Just in front of me was a little girl who was about 5 or 6 and she was just staring at me. Finally, after a couple minutes she tapped me on the leg and asked me what was up with my eyes ( ¿Que paso con sus ojos?) She was so cute and had this confused look on her face. She said, “Your eyes are different than everyone else’s.” I explained to her that’s just what color they are, but she still looked confused. She paused for a second and than responded "Why?" It made my day! I definitely stand out here because of my blue eyes....

On Thursday we had MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY! Yes, they even do it here. Our ward went down and cleaned a little park below the temple. I have never seen more trash in my life. You name it and I’m sure we found it. We all worked for about 4 hours. And then ate Saltanias, the best food Bolivia has to offer! We brought this sweet little girl that we met the day before to help us. It was a lot of fun!


On Friday, we went over to a family that we always visit, they were having Family Home Evening. They were playing volleyball with the metal clothes line as their net. This is my little Rosario, or my monkey, picking Pickai (best fruit ever) from their tree. I love them!                  

ALSO I GOT THE POSTER FROM THE YOUTH! THANK YOU!!!!!! IT MADE MY WHOLE WEEK!!!!!!! I had to take a picture just to show you how excited I am. You are all the sweetest!

This is Bobby, we are teaching her Grandpa. She decided to get into something….we aren't exactly sure what it is. :)


This is us with the Assistants. Elder Ortiz hit his 5 year anniversary of being a member of the church, so we had to take a picture!

The mission is the BEST! Madi I am so excited for you! You will be a great Missionary and Ecuador will love you!

I hope you all have a fantastic week! I love you SO much!!!

Love, Hermana Lomax

Monday, June 1, 2015

Powerpuff Girls!

Hello All,

I cannot believe we have finished another transfer. It seriously went by so fast. But, I’m staying in Villa Moscu for another transfer!!! WooHoo! And, I’m staying with Hermana Wing, we are just a little excited... ;) Hermana Molina is leaving Cochabamba to go to Tupisa; it’s probably the farthest area from the city. And tomorrow is her birthday, poor girl will be travelling all day on her birthday, but she is excited. We made the best of this last week together; we’ve had so much fun! I’m going to send you our week in pictures because I know I’ve been lacking on the pics. :)

Hermana Wing was sick on Tuesday so she stayed with our pensionista while Hermana Molina and I went out and worked (one of the great blessings of the trio life). This was when we went to get her in the night.


I’m officially a "Bolivian" WooHoo! After 6 months of going to government buildings, filling out papers, taking pictures, and getting poked by needles... more than necessary;) 
I received my Bolivian carnet or ID.

Wednesday, was Mother’s Day here in Bolivia so we had a Ward Activity in the night. The Elders Quorum President is from Utah, but married the cutest Bolivian girl, they live here now and his mom came down to visit. So they made Fettuccini Alfredo!!!! Best night of my life. They told us we better enjoy it because it would most likely be the first and last time in our missions!


This is what our hands look like everyday...why aren’t there any doorbells?...:( BUT, we have found a lot of promising people, so I guess it’s worth it.

This girl is my best friend! When she says my name it is Lomas. We go over to their house all the time. They were baptized in January and they are the sweetest, humblest family. She has her baby doll in her Huawayo (I spelt this wrong, you might have to look it up)! 
YES! This is how the Cholitas carry their babies here in Bolivia.

Here we are with the Assistants! This was after dinner last night. Elder Ortiz always calls us the Power Puff Girls and told us one day we needed to dress like them, so here we are in pink, green and blue. Ha-ha BEST PIC EVER.

Bye Hermana Molina!

Well there was my week for you. Hopefully a little more entertaining! I hope you all have a great week! 
I love you all SO much!

Hermana Lomax