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Monday, March 2, 2015

Spanish Tests and Teaching English!


I don’t’ have much time to write today because I have to take a Spanish test... yes I know a test? I thought I had a break from tests for 18 months, but it’s all good. :) I cannot believe it is already March. I will have been out for 4 MONTHS on Thursday! So crazy, I cannot believe it.

Everything is great here, still trudging along, literally. I actually taught a lot of English this week, since their school has started. It’s difficult, their practice books are so bad. There are so many errors, so that makes it difficult because I have to explain the errors and how it should be and it’s all just confusing. Let’s just say how lucky and blessed we are that we know English. It is a hard language to learn and explain.

This next week should be exciting, so I’m pretty excited to write next week. So, be ready, hopefully. Ha-ha. I want you to know I am doing FANTASTIC, loving every moment I have here and am looking forward to transfers on Sunday. Sorry, this is a lame letter but know that I love you all!!!!!


Hermana Lomax

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