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Monday, February 2, 2015

You Asked For Pictures!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAYLIE!!! I hope you had such a great birthday on Friday. It's hard to believe you are thirteen. Where has the time gone? I love you SO much!
This is the House where we live. We live on the 3rd story in a little apartment. This is probably the nicest place here in Huayllani.  I am perfectly fine without a sink. :)
This is our room. My favorite place ever! Dad, do you remember when you said if I do small things like make my bed everyday, I will find greater success in my day? I made it a commitment before I came out, and I know it's only been 3 months but I have not missed a day. :)
So, you will be happy to know that 2 weeks ago WE GOT A SMOKE DETECTOR! I had to take a picture for you. :)
The people here are so amazing…seriously. The kids especially and they LOVE pictures.  AHHH I love them!

This place is AMAZING, seriously everyday is a new adventure. Here are some places and things we see everyday.

Remember how I said they drink everything out of bags... well here you go!

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