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Monday, February 9, 2015

Desire, Ponder, Act and Share!


I love Mondays! It’s the best getting to read all your emails and hear all about what’s going on with everyone. THANK YOU!!!

This week has probably been the best week so far on my mission. We taught so many great lessons and met some AWESOME new investigators. I also gave a talk in church yesterday. If you think a 15 minute talk in English is bad just imagine a 15 minute talk in Spanish after only 3 months of experience and in front of a couple from the Temple Presidency and a record amount of people- 50!! It actually went really well after much prayer. Not to mention we had 5, yep 5 investigators come. How Awesome, right!?

The ward members here are SO incredible. They are ALL so excited about the work. We get calls all through out the week about people they have found for us to teach. It’s so fun to see how excited they get. On Sundays the members are so welcoming we never have to worry about our investigators at church. That’s my favorite part, how close people are. My pensionista (the family that feeds us) has a big yellow bus thing that they drive to church. After we all pile in, about half the ward, they drive everyone home. It's so ghetto and it feels like it’s going to break down and explode, but it’s so fun to cram as many people as we can in that thing.

So, after church yesterday a sister in our ward, Hermana Angulo invited a family that she referred to us about 4 days ago, over to their house for family home evening. I planned a lesson and we invited the Elders serving in our ward. We talked about the conversion of Joseph Smith because the topic for our talks in church was conversion. We taught about how first Joseph had a DESIRE and then he PONDERED about that desire as he read the scriptures. Afterwards, he chose to ACT, and once he received the truth he SHARED HIS TESTIMONY with others, even those who persecuted him. This was something I studied before my mission and I figured it would be a perfect FHE lesson, translated in Spanish of course ;) We explained to this family that they are in the same position as Joseph Smith, they have a desire and now they need to follow the example of the conversion of Joseph Smith and truly become converted themselves. Afterwards we watched the restoration and ate refreshments. It was so fun! They have a baptism date set for February 28th, along with 3 other investigators, but they are the most promising.

So, all in all this week has been great and I am really excited to make this next week even better. I see my Spanish improving everyday and my testimony growing, which I didn’t know was possible, but it is. I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week!

Hermana Lomax

P.S. I will be writing on Wednesday next week, NOT on Monday. Monday and Tuesday is the Carnival and all missionaries are not allowed to leave their houses...its going to be the longest 2 days EVER! So, I’ll talk to you on Wednesday next week!

The new part of my area……I love it!

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