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Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hello All,

It was such a sweet Christmas week and a lot easier than the last. :) We were really busy.

On Tuesday we had a Ward Talent Show. We didn’t have a lot of time to prepare, but the Zone Leaders and us dressed up as cholitos and danced to cholita music. Everyone just thought it was cute because we were white girls dressed as cholitas. We are going to try to do a better show in a few weeks.

On Wednesday we prepared for our Zone Christmas activity for Thursday. We went to the supermarket and when we got back me and Hermana Cruz made cinnamon rolls.

On Thursday morning we woke up early and we cooked breakfast with the ZL´s. Let me just tell you, cooking food for 18 missionaries in a Bolivian kitchen is quite the task. So, I guess I figured out my job as a STL... A LOT OF COOKING. Ha-ha but its so fun! For the activity we got together and had breakfast burritos, hot chocolate, and cinnamon rolls. We did Secret Santa and then we tried to go to the same orphanage we went to last year. But, when we got there at about 1:00 in the afternoon the lady told us all the kids were sleeping and we would have to come back another day. We were kind of bummed because we travelled so far, so instead we decided to knock doors and do a little caroling. The people were super sweet especially an older lady who began to cry as we sang. It brought the Christmas spirit. When we finally arrived back to our area we had to clean our breakfast mess. Afterwards, we tried to go make visits and after not much success finding people home we finally were able to visit a family. They were beginning to cook their Christmas Eve dinner so we helped them. (This Christmas was full of cooking ;) It got late and so we had to leave before they finished. By the time we got home we were so exhausted, we went straight to bed.

On Christmas morning we went to a family’s home to eat breakfast, rice with milk. They were all in their pajamas and we just hung out with them for the morning. Then we had a big lunch at our pensionista’s house. She cooks some really good food. After lunch it was our precious time to Skype home. We have all looked forward to this for a long time. It was so fun to see my family. I love them so much! Even though now I’m pretty sure I’m the shortest of them all. What happened? We were able to Skype from our Bishop’s house and he was able to meet my family. Afterwards, the bishop came up to me and asked if I would speak in church on families. My heart was full and I knew that that was a perfect topic. We ended Christmas in the center plaza in Cochabamba looking at all the Christmas lights with our pensionista’s family. We ate hot dogs and took lots of pictures.

I feel so blessed I know the Lord sent me here to Bolivia to learn many important things. One important thing I have learned during the two Christmas´s I’ve had on my mission is how to simplify my life and focus on more important things.

Happy New Year! I cannot believe how quickly this last year has gone. I remember so well a year ago thinking that for the whole year I would be here in Bolivia. At times I felt like it would be the longest year of my life, but I was willing to go and do what the Lord required of me and that I would make it through and love it. Now, here I am and I did exactly what I said I would. I have worked hard, I have strived to be obedient and give all I had to the Lord and He has blessed me more than I ever thought possible. I remember being in that little house in Huayllani a year ago. It has been the most challenging year of my life. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. I met people that have made an imprint on my heart, I have learned how to love, serve, speak Spanish, endure, and work hard. But, most importantly I have come to know my Savior. I have had experiences during this last year that have been evidence of His existence. He lives, He is right here with us. This work truly is a work of God and I feel so humbled to be a part of it. I am looking forward to this New Year, to see my family and to apply everything I have learned in my mission to my life. I know now that the Lord has many great things in store and I can’t wait to see it all unfold. Life is just so sweet! 

Enjoy this week. I love you!

Hermana Lomax 

Thank you sweet Beehives for the cards!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Hello All,

I am so happy it is Christmas! Christmas in the mission is the best, even though my transfer was a little unexpected. I am in Cochabamba now and it’s taking some time to get adjusted back. Its so civilized...well compared to Potosi. :) I arrived here on Wednesday and we started intercambios on Friday. So I haven’t been in my own area much. Yesterday, we had a Christmas fireside for the missionaries. We had one in Potosi the night before I left so I was able to attend two. It was so weird seeing everyone here, because for the last 5 months I’ve been in my own little world, in Potosi and everyone forgot about me. Nobody even knew I was here, so they were all confused. Ha-ha. It was so good to see them all. We are really excited about Christmas we have lots of plans with members and as a zone. And of course I am counting down the days to talk to my family. I can’t believe how fast it has come. Have a very Merry Christmas!!!!!! Tengan una Feliz Navidad!!!!

Love, Hermana Lomax

Monday, December 14, 2015

God Is a Loving God!

Can you believe it is almost Christmas? I am so excited! We have had a great week here in Potosi. We met some great new people, two of which were references from Donata (Daina’s mom). We went and contacted them and had such a spiritual experience. She is a middle-aged woman who sells food in a market. We sat at her table and her 20-year-old daughter joined us. As we began to get to know her, we learned that one of her six children has passed away. Apparently, she died in an accidental hanging in their home about one year ago. We also learned that she was about two weeks away from turning 8 years old. This began a marvelous discussion. The mother shared with us how she often wonders where her daughter is. She expressed great sadness that her daughter was never baptized before she died. She also shared with us that according to their church her daughter is now condemned forever. You could see the stress and worry in her face. I was so excited to share with this family something that would change their lives forever. Our message was going to bring peace to a worried mother who has grieved the loss of her daughter for a year. I asked her if she believed God is a loving God. She responded by saying yes. Then I asked her, if God loves us would He allow for innocent children to be condemned forever? We read with her Moroni 8.  I have waited my whole mission to share these scriptures. This mother and daughter looked at us and asked us when we could come to their home and share this with their whole family. Especially her husband who since the death of his daughter has turned to drinking and believing there is no God. We testified of eternal families, we testified that their young daughter has received her salvation and that one day their family will be together again forever. I can’t even write to you how incredible it feels to give someone that hope. This is real life; these are real people who are looking for the truth. I am so grateful that Donata felt impressed to give us her reference. I cannot wait to see what happens with this sweet family.

Friday Hermana Lidia made us cow heart... yes, they eat that here. It was strange, but not too bad. So far, I have eaten cow tongue, stomach and now heart. Its a good thing I'm not picky. :)

So, last night I received a call from our Zone Leader informing me that I am being transferred back to Cochabamba on Wednesday to be a Sister Training Leader. Hermana Males will remain and will be in a trio with the Sister Training Leaders here in Potosi for almost two weeks until the actual transfers happen. She will then receive her new companion. I am going to miss her so much; she has grown to be a great missionary. I am excited, but very sad at the same time. Potosi has changed my life. I love these people so much, but I know the Lord needs me now in Cochabamba. I will always cherish these last 4 months and I will remember these people forever. A big part of my heart will stay here in Potosi. This is the hardest part of the mission even more so than learning a language. It’s hard leaving people you have come to love so much. I am excited for the new experiences the Lord has in store for me, and know there are still people I need to meet. I hope you all have a great week, and that you are enjoying this wonderful Christmas season. I never realized how large an impact this time of year can have. Serve, love and change lives this Christmas season.

I love you!

Hermana Lomax

These are the cutest boys in our ward. Cristian and Nelson. Their mom Benigna is a cholita that comes out with us and translates Quechua for us.
The boys and I always have finger competitions to see who's fingers are stronger. They are crazy but I love them to pieces. 

Cow's Heart!
These cuties are Hermana Lidia's two grandaughters Camila and Lucy just sitting on the ground eating their cow hearts. They are so cute we had to take a picture.
Best Daughter Ever. I love her! 
Our friends the pigs. I am now a pro at pig calling, they come running from all directions. Ha-ha. I have videos but they are too large to send.
Goodbye Potosi. It's been great!!!

Monday, December 7, 2015

The Spirit Was Strong As They Entered the Waters of Baptism!


What a week it has been. I am so excited to write you about it, I’ll try my best to include everything. 

On Wednesday we didn’t have many set appointments so we went contacting. We ended up in a part of our area that I haven’t spent a lot of time because it’s in the mountains and almost everyone speaks Quechua. Well, I obviously don’t speak Quechua, but I have a wonderful companion who does and has been teaching me. I’m so blessed! We saw a dirt house up on the side of the mountain and we both looked at each other with curiosity and began the hike up. As we came to the house there was a little OLD Cholita lady outside. And let me tell you, she is a true Bolivian Cholita., who like I mentioned speaks no Spanish. Normally those who live in the fields don’t like to speak to people like us, but once Hermana Males began to speak to her in Quechua she came up to us and grabbed our hands. Tears began to stream down her face. It became obvious that she doesn’t receive many visitors. Her 14-year-old granddaughter also lives with her and speaks a little Spanish so I talked to her for a while. I was really hoping to take pictures, so I finally asked and she agreed. What a sweet lady, I will always remember this precious moment we had with her. We are hoping to go back and visit her some more this week and to help feed their chickens and pigs.

On Saturday Alejandra and Daina got baptized! It was such a special moment that we have been looking forward to. The spirit was so strong as they both entered the waters of baptism. After their baptisms they were given the opportunity to bare their testimonies. Daina began to cry as she shared her feelings of her baptism and Alejandra shared a strong testimony of the power of the Spirit. Her testimony was powerful and full of truth. As she shared her testimony I was reminded of how often the spirit bore witness to her during our time together. She is a true miracle. Daina’s mom who we first began teaching and is how we met Daina came to support her daughter as well. Tears ran down her face as she listened to her daughter bare testimony. She told us that she would be next, which is a miracle because when we first started teaching her she was not at all interested. She will be getting baptized in January. :) Yesterday, both Alejandra and Daina received the Holy Ghost. It’s difficult to believe that I only met these sweet sisters 5 weeks ago. There are no words to describe the love I have for both of them and the feelings I have as I witness them change their lives and become followers of our Savior, Jesus Christ. There is nothing like it! Tears are streaming down my cheeks as I write. It’s incredible!

On Sunday night Hermana Lidia, our pensionista, invited the Elders and us over a little early to decorate her house for Christmas. She has accumulated quite a few decorations from missionaries over the years. I brought my Christmas music. We sang and decorated her windowsill with all the decorations. It was simple, but it meant the world to me. I love Christmas and being with her family laughing, singing and eating Buñuellos and arroz con leche (rice with milk), which is my favorite food in Bolivia, was such a special moment.

Today, as a District we went to the lagoons again. I was glad to find that I didn’t feel like I was going to die this time; I’ve become acclimated to not having any air to breathe ;) It was a great time; we went early and did our personal studies. There is nothing like studying scriptures in the grand mountains of Potosi. When we returned we went and ate lunch at a nice tourist restaurant. The owner has been trying to get us to come for a while and he told us he would cut the price in half. There was NO rice or potatoes. Woo-Hoo! Restaurants that don’t serve rice and potatoes are usually pretty expensive. While we were eating, a lady entered and began to order. She obviously didn’t speak Spanish. The owner came over and told me she speaks English and asked if I would translate. I learned she is from Singapore as I sat and visited with her for a little bit. It was great and she was a sweet lady. Afterwards, the owner came over and thanked me. I love that the Lord has blessed me with the ability to speak Spanish.

Well, like I say every week, I LOVE MY MISSION and I love Bolivia!!! It’s hard and I’m often so tired, but I am enjoying EVERY moment!

Have a great week and enjoy this wonderful Christmas season! I love you all.

Love, Hermana Lomax :)

 Meet Ninina!

 Baptisms. :)

 Decorating for Christmas!

 The Lagoons!