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Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving in the CCM!

Hello Everyone,

My heart is so full of gratitude today. I can hardly keep the tears from streaming down my cheeks. It’s so fitting that yesterday was Thanksgiving!

Yesterday was such a great day. In the morning we watched a live devotional from Elder Bednar, broadcast from the Provo MTC, and I actually saw a friendly face from Tucson so funny! Afterwards, we had a big Thanksgiving lunch. I cannot tell you how incredible it was. The people here really love us! In Colombia, they don’t eat turkey, but the cooks (who are the sweetest ever) were determined to get us some turkey. They stayed up all night cooking, continuously asking us to come and see how it looked. They were so proud of that turkey. That meal was probably the best meal I have ever eaten. I thought about what you were all eating, but I couldn’t imagine anything better! Later in the night we were able to watch Meet the Mormons. I love that movie; it was fun to get to share my home with the Latinos as part of the movie was filmed in Arizona. I missed you all, but they made our day very special. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and counted all of your blessings, I know I definitely did!!!

This experience has strengthened me and taught me so much. I don’t think I’ve prayed so much in my life. I am grateful for my Heavenly Father who knows me and knows what I need to help me become who I need to be. I am so truly grateful for my family and your support, you don’t know how much it does for me! And I am grateful for such good examples I have in my life.
Today is a new day. I am so happy to be here, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Tomorrow we go proselyting out in Colombia! It’s so crazy! I am way excited I just hope I can understand the people and be able to share what I need with them. I love you ALL so much and I hope you have an INCREDIBLE week!

With all my love,

Hermana Lomax

Group Photo of Missionaries in the Colombia CCM 11/26/14.
Bolivian Sister Missionaries with their flag.
Living Quarters for 6 weeks!

Friday, November 21, 2014

I Love the Latinos

Hello Everyone!

The wait to email home wasn’t as long this time, 5 days is a lot better than 10! We just got back from the temple like 5 minutes ago. I LOVE that place! The Bogota Temple is SO pretty. I sat next to a Colombian lady during the session and she wouldn’t stop staring at me! It was so sweet! Ha-ha. Afterwards in the dressing room she was talking to Sis. Parry (another American Sister) and I. She was asking us for North American money because she so badly wanted to go to the U.S. We are told not to give money, plus I didn’t have any with me anyway. It was just sad to hear about how badly she wants what we have. 

Along with that on Sunday, (btw….Sundays are the BEST in the MTC) we had Relief Society with the 20 sisters here in the MTC and Hermana Dyer was giving the lesson all in Spanish. She asked how many of us have come from all member families and were raised in the church. All the American Sisters raised their hands and a few Latinos. She then asked who hadn’t come from an all member family and almost all the Latinos raised their hands. The tears started to fall as Hermana Dyer talked to them about how they are missionaries not only for their assigned place, but for their families as well. I had heard before I came that a lot of the Latinos were often the only members of the church in their families and would make great sacrifices to serve missions. However, nothing could prepare me for that moment. I became so emotional sitting there watching as these sweet sisters around me cried. In that moment I thought of how blessed I am and grateful to have so much support and love. I think of you all often and am not sure I could do this without so much support and love. After the lesson Hermana Dyer opened up the meeting for testimony sharing. Latino after Latino got up to share their testimonies and I cannot even begin to explain the feeling of the Spirit. These Latinos may not have been blessed with many of the things that I have, but they have greater spiritual blessings than I ever thought possible. I cried as I heard their love for this gospel and the worth of their sacrifice. Near the end of the meeting I found myself on my feet to bear my testimony, for a moment I thought I must be crazy. I don’t know enough Spanish to bear a testimony in front of a whole group of Latinos, but I stood up there and words started coming out of my mouth. I was able to share with them how much I love them and what incredible examples they are to me. I shared the love I have for this gospel and missionary work. I was amazed as I sat down recognizing what had just occurred, it is an experience I will remember and cherish forever.

The 6-week missionaries and Latinos left this morning at 3:00 am. It was sooo hard. We said our goodbyes last night and I got to bed at about 11:00 and at 2:30 I woke up to help them all carry their bags down. We cried as we said our farewells. I will always remember those Hermanas, they changed my life and as they serve they will change others lives as well. They are so kind and even though I don’t always understand everything they say, I feel it, and that is powerful. 
Well that’s all that really happened since the last time I wrote you. I love this place more and more everyday. The Spanish is progressing slowly but I was able to go through the temple all in Spanish so that was good. I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week. We get to go play some volleyball now, study and then watch Ephraim’s Rescue in ENGLISH since it is now just us 16 Americans until tonight when more missionaries come in. I think 16 elders from the states and I don’t know how many Latinos are coming. I’m excited to find out!


Hermana Lomax and Hermana K____

The CCM in Colombia - courtesy google earth.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

To the Young Women

Hello girls!

I wanted to write you a quick message to share with you how incredible this experience is and to tell you how much I LOVE you! My hope is to send a little message frequently to share experiences and hopefully help you as you go throughout your lives. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for each one you! I have thought of you all and pray for you every night.

I got the chance to go to the temple this week. The temple is so important! I came to see that by going to the temple and being able to see it in the lives of everyone. No matter the culture or language, it blesses lives! Strive everyday to be worthy to go. This is the time right now, where you are to prepare and be ready to go. The time goes so fast. It will be here before you know it. Take every standard, every commandment to heart. Don’t just live them half way or live the ones you want. They are ALL important. And when the time comes and you are sitting in the Stake President’s office, you can confidently look back knowing you worked hard to be worthy and repented if needed. And you can tell him with love and surety that you are worthy. I hope you know that I LOVE you all so much. I want you to know you are all very special and have lots to offer, I pray that you know that. I miss your smiling examples, but am exactly where I need to be!

Hermana Lomax :) 

Life in the CCM

Hello everyone!

I have looked forward to this day to write home, I’ve been counting down all day. The days are long but the week has gone by fast. I cannot believe I’ve already been here for 9 days! This place is incredible! I have so many things to share with you.

There are 85 missionaries here in the Colombian MTC. About 60% are Latinos from Colombia, Venezuela, Spain, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, and there are two sisters from Bolivia! Woot Woot! There are 21 sisters here and 4 of us are from North America. We are quite the minority. It’s the BEST! I’m forced to speak Spanish all the time because the Latinos only speak Spanish or very little English. They are the sweetest people ever! We have such a great time together. My companion is Hermana King the one I met before I left. I LOVE her and we have so much fun. We also teach bomb lessons. We just finished teaching a lesson ALL in Spanish! It went so well!!! Our days are so busy. We spend most of our days in class, but we have so many AWESOME devotionals. Presidente Dyer is the neatest guy and so smart. He knows everything about the scriptures and has such amazing insight. For most of the devotionals we have translators, so we can understand most of it! On Friday we had a devotional broadcast by Elder Holland it was so incredible and gave me new insight. If you know me you know I’m a sucker for Elder Holland talks. Here are a few notes I took:
  • You have an investment in every investigator you have.
  • You cannot say I hope they come to church or I hope they pray. NO, BE
    THE HOPE. Do what you must to make sure they come to church, to
    make sure they pray. You shouldn’t have to hope, but know.
  • In your whole life you have never done anything more right.
  • Don’t EVER, EVER walk away from this.
  • I cannot promise you 1000 investigators, 100, or even 10 but, I can
    promise you 1. YOU!
  • The hardest part is not now in the MTC. You may feel it is as you try to
    learn a language (oh yeah) or come to follow the disciple of the MTC. The hard part is when you get rejected by those you love. Why is this work so hard? Why can’t it be easy when it’s the truth?
  • I believe this work is not easy because every part of the Savior’s work was NEVER easy. We have no scriptures that say the Savior laughed, I’m sure He did but we have no record of it. However, we do have countless records of the tears he shed, the hardships he faced.
  • You need to prepare for those same feelings, same tears and emotions because you are a disciple of Christ!
  • Salvation was never an easy experience. It is going to take everything you have. It’s going to give you everything and make you everything!

On that same day we were able to go to the Bogota Colombia Temple! Oh my goodness! It is so beautiful and an incredible experience. I even got headphones so I could listen in English. We’ll have the opportunity to go every week and will go again on Tuesday!

I’m contemplating not sharing this for mom’s sake, but I have to. I got to ride in the car with President and Sister Dyer to the Temple because there was no room in our bus. The driving here is INSANE! I now know why their cars here are so small. They squeeze wherever they fit and they don’t have lanes. People walk through the traffic to sell things through car windows. Drivers are constantly honking. All nightlong!

We play volleyball everyday. It’s pretty intense and the fastest hour of the day. It’s a nice break from all the studying. The food here is definitely South American food. We eat rice with every meal but they feed us well. We had ribs and chicken today and fish yesterday! And Peyton if we thought American milk was gross; you should try Colombian milk... But don’t worry I drink it ALL!

On Monday, Elder David Evans a member of the First Quorum of the 70 came and spoke to us, that was a cool experience. He gave a great talk about the importance of missionary work.

Yesterday my Mission President and his wife came to the MTC. They had training here in Colombia and stopped by. That was so cool. They are the sweetest people and are very excited for us to come in December. She hugged and shared with us a little about the mission. That was probably the neatest thing of the week! 

I can pray, bear testimony and teach a few lessons pretty well in Spanish. I have learned SO, SO, SO much and am so grateful to be here. It’s hard at times, but I just ponder on what Elder Holland said. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, even though I miss you all. Thank you for your love and prayers. I am BEYOND grateful for them!

Hermana Lomax :) 

In this letter Sister Lomax writes about several things we believe as Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. To find out more click on the links below:
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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bienvenido to the Colombia CCM!


I made it to the MTC or here it is called the CCM! We landed in Bogota at about 10:30 last night and it was immediate culture shock. Nobody spoke English, and you all know my knowledge of Spanish (ha-ha) but we managed. It took us almost 2 hours to get through the airport. Luckily, there was 15 other missionaries with me, 3 Sisters including myself and the rest were Elders. We had such a great time! We got to bed at around 1:30 am.

The MTC is INCREDIBLE! There are about 40 missionaries here. A little less than half are Latino and don't speak any English. It is mostly Elders here, there are only about 6 Sisters and it's only the 3 of us from America. We are a little out numbered, but it's so fun to be a Sister here. They give us some special treatment.

It has been so fun trying to communicate with everyone around us. I room with the 2 other American Hermanas and 2 Latino Hermanas. I LOVE the Latinos!!! They are so fun and it has been a lot of fun trying to communicate with them. We use a lot of hand gestures and we kiss each other's cheeks. They are such loving people, even though they probably think we are so difficult. Last night before bed we were all gathered around teaching each other our languages. We had so much fun! I am surprised how much Spanish I remember. I find myself forming sentences and it's only the first day.

President and Sister Dyer are the sweetest! She gave us such a great devotional this morning. I had a hard time keeping up with it in my study journal. I have an interview with them both in just a bit, which is when we'll get our name tags.

Well I have to go! I'll be emailing again next Friday. I love you all SO much!!!!! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Thank Heaven for Loving Mothers Everywhere!

Below is a text we received from a sweet lady who sat next to Sister Lomax as they traveled to Atlanta:

"I was blessed to have met your daughter and been a small part of her journey. I have raised 3 children and have had to say goodbye to them when they left on an important journey. We loving mothers are everywhere watching out for other mother's children. God bless you and your family. Your daughter is a precious wonder."

And She's on Her Way…..

Sister Lomax flew out of the Tucson International Airport this morning at 6:00 am. She will spend the next 6 weeks in Bogota, Colombia learning the language and receiving training.

This is becoming her mission signature move!!! She radiates with joy and excitement.